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I want to connect soem 10.6 clients to the iclouds


In the past was able to access on 10.6 with ical to acces the icloud over the caldav by manualy enter the  correct server. e.g. p04-caldav.icloud.com


Since a couple of weeks this info is hidden I am not able to find the appler server


I refuse to switch to 10.7 because some app wouldn't work. manualyy access caldav and cardav would be great. Why apple killed the displaying of the correct info.


Is their a way to which p04-caldav.icloud.com and carddav server we need to search to acces the correct server. A couple of weeks/months ago it was able to sort out the correct server. Now Apple hide it so resolve the correct server.


Is their a way to find the corrects caldav and carddav servers?