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i have a brand new ipod touch 4th gen...when using game apps, battery lasts for1-2 hours only. i dont have wifi, turned off all push notifications,dimmed backlight, turned off SFX and background music...still the same. it was bought online, can replace?

iPod touch (4th generation)
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    Likely because you have a counterfeit iPod. The 5G iPod has not yet been released.

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    oh..yeah, sorry...4th gen. it was bought in an online apple store, still has the receipts, the box, everything...1 1/2 months ago... ^_^

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    And how long do you expect the battery to last?  Before you answer, consider this:  The battery has only so much storage capacity, which is rated in mAH, or MILI AmpHours.  As an example, eBay has replacement batteries rated at 1200 mAH, or 1.2 AH which means that this battery will supply 3.7 volts DC at 1 amp for 1.2 hours.


    Using some more math we can figure out how much power that is.  The formula is Current squared times the voltage.


    This gives us (1amp)(3.7volts)= 3.7 watts. (3.7 watts)(1.2hours)= 4.44 watt hours.  So if you reduce the power consumption by a factor of 4, you get 4 times the battery life.


    I'd wager that your iPod gets just a little warm, probably right where the battery is....


    The thing is, if you want to stress a computer (and an iPod is a computer...), play a game, especially a game that has lots of high resolution graphics and sound....  And if you want to stress the battery, play a game that has video, sound, and requires a WiFi connection....