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This has been broken since iTunes 10.6.1.  Many people have reported it broken.  I will not spend any more money with Apple, until this has been fixed.  I have been using ATV / iTunes for all of my TV needs for years now.  All I want to do is play the content I paid for, without using the icloud!


I just created a windows 7 box, in case it was the Mac Mini, to try to fix the iTunes problem.  No dice, iTunes is broke!

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Whilst you may not consider it all that helpful, I can confirm that my Apple TV and my iTunes library work perfectly together. Any problems that you have are specific to your system, waiting for Apple to fix your problems is going to result in you waiting for a very long time, because in my opinion there is nothing wrong with the Apple TV in its current format.

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    Your right, I don't consider this helpful.  I have 4tb of purchased iTunes content I cannot use over home share.  There are many people that are having iTunes / ATV home share problems.  Good for you, for being one of the few that have it working fine...

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    I have the same problem as Big Robs.  I can use Home Sharing from the AppleTV ONCE before it stops working.  To fix it I reboot the Mac and it works again - one time.  I've turned Home Sharing off/on, reset the AppleTV to factory settings, quit/restarted iTunes - nothing fixes it accept a reboot of the Mac.  So now I have a regularly scheduled reboot in the morning so my son can watch his videos.  Not very elegant.  This has been broken for months.  HT4352 has nothing to do with it.

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    I'm guessing you have it connected via ethernet?  there is an itunes bug that only allows 100 connections, and itunes wont release connections properly.  You can verify this via netstat -a in a command line (Mac or Windows), and count the connections to your ATV(s).  ATV is also buggy for sending out way too many connections.


    My workaround was to use wifi.  Less connections...  been rock solid for a week.


    /still cant believe what a ******* Winston is...

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    Same issue here. So tired of apple now. I have tried to get help on many issues over the years but they never respond or help and I've run out of steam. Time for a change, I think.

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    I gave up, and moved onto a Plex server / Roku.  Works flawlessly!  Streams perfectly to my TV and iPad. 


    I have a DRM issue that I am stepping around now, because legitimate purchases arent functional.  I have 3.4TB of purchased content that I cant get to on my TV now.  Thanks Apple!