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Trying to move a keyword from a nested catagory to the root in the Keyword HUD. In previous versions of Aperture, when you dragged the keyword outside of the list of keywords, but still inside of the HUD itself, a white rectangle would appear around all of the keywords indicating that if you release the mouse, the keyword would be moved to the root.


Now in 3.3 this no longer works. If the keyword list is short, and you have empty space at the bottom of the HUD, it works, but if your list is long, then it does not.


Anyone else having this issue?


Also, someone told me that with some plugin-ins/apps, if you make a roundtrip out of Aperture and back in again, that keywords which are in nested groups will get duplicated and put at the root of the list. I have not noticed this behaviour and wonder if anyone else has seen it and if so, which plug-ins/apps cause this to happen.


Thank you !

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Bagelturf?!  We got yer (un)lox right here:



As noted, keywording is still not fully matured in Aperture.  There is no way to import nested keywords that are assigned to files.  All attached keywords are imported at the root level.

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