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Here is my rant/how do I fix.

This garbage wanna be waste of time iMessage keeps telling me I'm using iMessage to send my dad's android messages.

He just got rid of his iPhone 4S since he thought it sucked. I've tried deleting his number, deleting complete contact. Turning iMessage off won't even allow me to send him a text. It's not iOS6 but since iOS5 did this to me too. I'm tired off this non sense Apple is doing to try and compete with Android since Android is all high-tech. I may have to jump off the Apple band wagon, I've been touching squares on my iPhone since the first iPhone. But will I go to any other phone? Android and others are ugly and have ugly an OS. I'm going to a Jitter Bug phone. lol no, but god I'm tired of this stupid garbage non-sense but yet I'm still waiting for the iPhone 5 to drop so I can go get that piece of sh*t and complain about that having problems. HOW DO YOU FIX THIS IMESSAGE GARBAGE?! My dad doesnt know how to delete his iphone from apple or whatever or have access to another iphone since hes on sprint now with android.

If you like pop tarts im afraid of turtles and I eat toasters. ****.


iOS 5.1.1, I hate Apple yet I keep buying more
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    Apple TV

    Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

  • Tawnii Level 2 Level 2

    If you are using iOS6 then you should post your question in the developer forums. iOS6 is still in beta and only developers have access to it. I wish we could be of assistance here but it will not be officially released until this fall sometime.

  • razmee209 Level 7 Level 7

    Your dad needs to log off imessage.   Did he do that when he got his new phone.


    If he still has the iphone see if he can log off.

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    If you are running iOS 6 and are a registered developer, take it to the developers forums. Beta software can not be discussed here.


    If you are running iOS 6 and you are NOT a registered developer, you are a thief. Pay the $99 to register or go cry in your beer until the final version is released.

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 9 Level 9

    Check this Apple support document. It has to do with turning iMessage off at the Apple servers. It has the phone number registered as an iMessage device.

    This should help. Scroll down to the bottom where it talks about unregistering the number.

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    I'm having the same problem sending messages to someone who has switched to Android. Looks like he has to unregistered his device fom iMessage. Seems odd though. Who is going to think of doing that when you switch phones? I'm surprised the servers can't detect that the phone has changed to Android. Odd.


    Also, thanks o the OP for actually making me LOL this morning!! I hear the frustration but it was still hilarious. :-) sorry.

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    I also am having this issue, have been switched over from android for about a month now. Through my many calls back and forth to Apple Care and Verizon's Tech Support I've gotten lots of the same answers. Apple basically says you're no longer our customer so we won't help you and Verizon says it's apple's messaging service and we have no way to access it. My question though is if Apple clearly knows this is an issue as it's listed on their support pages, why aren't they getting word out to Verizon and other carriers so sales reps know to turn iMessage off before wiping the phone??


    I may no longer be an iPhone customer (and don't plan on going back) but I still have a macbook and ipods, and the way apple's customer service and tech support folks have responded throughout the last 4 weeks have made me wish I was no longer an apple customer in any facet.

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    Chris this is not helpful after the fact!  My son and daughter just changed from IPhone to Android and now I can't text them with out turning off Imessage.  They no longer have their old phones.  How do I get their numbers out of the Apple Servers?????

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 9 Level 9

    After the fact you need to log into your Apple ID on the support page and remove the devices from your profile. If you do a search here, you can find the exact web address. I don't have it right here with me.


    Okay. Go to, then log in with the Apple ID of the phones in question. Then locate the phones you no longer have and remove them from the profile.


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    Apple had me do that and I've logged in and removed my iPhone from my Apple ID and the issue persists. Don't know if I'm an anomoly, but this still didn't help.


    After being shut down by the phone apple support I just made an appointment at a local apple store and they've been much more helpful face-to-face. Because of some issues logging into my verizon account we haven't completed this procedure yet, but this is what my apple store rep thinks will work: They've offered to use a refurb iphone they have lying around and turn service on to that (& my android off) then go into settings and turn off iMessage. Then they'll turn my android back on and they think I'll be good to go. One concern apple initially had was that I would burn my SIM card by turning on the iPhone, I've talked to verizon and they said this won't happen as the new format of SIM allows you to switch from SIM to non-SIM and back to SIM again without issue. Haven't tested this yet though. Appointment with the apple store tomorrow, hopefully it will end the headaches.


    FWIW I did ask my local verizon store if they would be kind enough to do this procedure for me (since they shut down the iPhone in the first place) and they not only declined, but also told me there was no way that I could possibly be having the problem I was describing...even after showing screenshot's from the iphones trying to send me messages.

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    For what it's worth, this problem still persists. I just switched from an iPhone 5 to a galaxy S4 and cannot receive texts from iPhones.  And Apple people still say "we've never seen this happen before. .", which is their standard lie for every problem.

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    I'm having this same issue.


    We still have the iPhone so I've put the SIM back in and sent messages both with iMessage on and off. Turned iMessage off, put the SIM back in the Android, but still having the problem.


    Also went to the Apple support site and deleted this device from my account. Still not working!


    This is VERY frustrating. Not sure what else to do at this point.

  • stairclimber113 Level 1 Level 1


    No matter what Apple tells you, there is no reliable, consistant fix except time.  It seems that when the Apple Servers note that a phone number has not been used for some period of time (I think 60 days) they release it.


    In the meantime, when you send a text to an Android phone number that used to be an Iphone number you need to click on the blue text and select "send as text".  A very annoying two step process that feels so good when it's over!!

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    This is still an issue.


    My wife got a new moto x and I keep getting these NOT DELIVERED messages when trying to message her.  I'm turning off iMessage...



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