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Hey guys,


I've been using my brand new macbook air for the last 2 weeks or so without any issues. Today I took my laptop out of my bag after work and noticed that things on the keyboard have been really weird. For starters, certain keys on the right side of the board are not giving me the correct symbols when I press them. There are a few other random keys (mostly the numbers and symbols) that are incorrect.


ie: I press shift+2 for the @ but I get ' instead or I press ] and get @ instead.


Another weird thing to note: Caps lock turned on = lower case letters and Caps lock turned off = upper case letters.


I left my laptop alone for a few hours and when I came back to it later, whenever I turn it on it automatically boots into safe mode which makes me assume that the shift key is stuck in some weird way.


What can be causing this?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I have about the exact same problem, my macbook air 13 in (bought january this year in Belgium) is having the same issues, first (i'm on an azerty keyboard - first the following keys stopped working ; . : / and a week a half after that almost the whole keyboard gave up, symptoms


    lowercase c reacts like the enter key

    lowercase v types ^V

    the whole row of keys from a tot Z don't work or produce garabage like ´^VVVVV1111111111

    numerical keys work, but using shift together does not


    If I attach an external keyboard, then the same key mismappings or whatever happening here, are also on the external keyboard, so I can't even login with an external keyboard


    Sounds like hardware failure, but no idea why, my macbook is in top condition, no spills, no high humidty, really nothing whatsoever


    If any one would have a clue prior to bringing it to mac store?


    All defaults already done (smc - pram reset), reboot to recovery terminal there same problem with internal and external keyboard, boot from usb etc etc


    For me really really really dissappointing, bought the top model macbook air with all upgrades available, as a stable working laptop for business use (for which I payed premium for a premium device) , but stuff like this happens on cheap windows consumer laptops, not on a macbook air


    I have about everything over here, 2 Iphones, 3 Ipad's, an Imac, a MacPro, a Macbook Pro, each and every one of the durable and decent devices but this macbook air has been nothing to be excited about untill now, lots of blowing fans all the time, run's quite hot, the touchpad having it's on will


    Always been a very loyal Apple customer as the list of Mac devices above shows, but things like this make me reconsider


    Best Regards



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    Having the same issues....bringing my machine to the Genius bar tomorrow...Did you install the latest updates?

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    I tried updating latest OS, didn;t help.