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There appears to be a issue again using iOS 3.1.3 which I have on my original 2G Iphone trying to download new apps from the Appstore.

Just to be clear, iOS 3.1.3 is the latest version that can be installed and be supported on the original Iphone 2G (can't update the iOS to a later version). 

If you try to download/install a new app from the App Store using iOS 3.1.3 and click on the install button, it turns green and does not do anything.  If you have an existing app using iOS 3.13 and there is a update for the app, then the install might download. This isn't a problem with the device needing to be restored, it is a problem with a some change Apple did on their end to the AppStore thats not compatible with iOS3.1.3.

This happened before back in Dec 2011 and it took a few weeks to get Apple to admitt it was their problem and install a fix at their end for the App Store for iOS 3.13. The Apple support people kept on telling everyone to try to restore your device which was a waste of time.

Anyone else noticing this problem?  If so they need open a case ticket with Apple support to push them to fix it.  Apple probably won't do anything to fix it unless enough people open a support case trouble ticket.

iOS 3.1.3, Appstore downloads using iOS 3.1.3