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Hi, I'm probably being very very thick here, but how does one adjust basic video settings n the player ?

like brightness, contrast or colour, or maybe aspect ratio please ?

apologies if its obvious to everyone else


  • dsimagry Level 4 (1,275 points)

    Unfortunatley, for reasons unkown, Apple has decided to omit those features in Quicktime 10.


    If you like, you can Download Quicktime 7 and see how that works for you... click link >>> http://support.apple.com/kb/DL923


    Have you considered installing VLC? It does all that and more... click link to download >>> http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

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    Hi dsimagry ..


    I dont get that at all ! .. thats the most ridiculous thing i've heard all week.

    I really dont get Apple's (or any OS vendor's) dumbing down.. glad i can

    use another player, yes VLC is already my primary player in Linux & Mac

    & Win, but i just reinstalled LION and was trying to not install too much junk

    wondered how well the native apps worked ... i shall diss QT player 10.1 as a fail.

    Cheers for the link to Quicktime 7 - and helping my puzzlement ...

    Thank you