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I went to the apple store to exchange my old mac book pro with retin a display for a new 1 because I had the screen burn problems. After they went over my computer they noticed that I had a logical board problem. You guys might not have the same problem but the way that they figured it out is when they tried to migrate my information because with a thunderbolt port it would've taken 42 hours to transfer my 130 gigabytes of storage. I wanted to make this thread to inform you guys about this problem and maybe get yours check to see if you have it. I'm sorry about this message I didn't have enough time so I did it on my phone speak to text. Leave a reply if you guys have the same problem or have any concerns. thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 15" Retina Display Macbook Pro
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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have ordered my macbook pro retina. If I have the screen burn problem I will have the apple store check it out.



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    so if a file transfer via thunderbolt gigabit ethernet adaptor is slow, the possibility of a logic board issue is raised along with screen issues?

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    Hi thanks for posting this information. I am looking at buying a new laptop, and the MBPr was at the top of my list of computers to buy.


    I have now seen the Screen Burn-in issue is quite big, and a terrible problem for a computer that's main selling point is the screen. I also know first hand how difficult the Apple store can be. My iPhone 4S would not connect due to a faulty WiFi radio and I kept getting told I had the wrong password? That might be ok if they were talking to my mum... not so much when they are talking to someone studying Computer Science and Engineering at the time.


    But all rants aside, I just need a working computer, and if I drop $2500 on the model I want, which is not upgradeable, I wanna know its money well spent and will not have a faulty board, screen, or creak.


    All my Apple laptops never had any problems thus far, so this is disappointing news to say the least. It also has me weary of dropping my money on this for now. Lets hope Steve Jobs passion doesn't end with a cash grab of the Apple name.


    What should I do? has this issue been resolved or should I wait?

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    WisdomTooth asked:


    What should I do? has this issue been resolved or should I wait?


    Remember that we only hear of the problems here (and, sometimes, the solutions). I doubt if the problems are pandemic or we would be reading a lot more about them at the various Mac websites. Faulty computers are going to come out of the production line, no doubt about it. But most of the problems I've seen posted here for the MBP-R's have been remedied or some will be remedied with the release of Mountain Lion.


    Since ML will surely be released in the next couple of weeks, I'd wait and see, for instance, if it addresses some of the video/USB problems that have been reported here. Some with developer seed copies of ML say that it 'fixes' the USB 3.0 problems and some of the video problems (obviously not ghosting, distorted video, etc.).


    So I'd just wait a couple of weeks, see if some of the issues are cleared up, then order the Retina display if that's what you want. Every other problem I've read of seemed to have been fixed by replacing the computer, logic board, etc. That's just normal.


    Good luck,