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I run QuickTime Player and Apple Software Updater on a Windows 7 64-bit system.  My problem echoes those recent postings under the Windows topic.  Yesterday, while runing the updater, I kept getting a blank program box.  Usually it shows what is available in addition to detecting updates for what one has.  Yesterday this page was not available; so I uninstalled both QuickTime and the Updater so I could reinstall them new.  The Repair feature in Add/Remove Programs already failed to fix the problem.  The reinstallation did not work either.  The discovery of this problem is disappointing because this aspect of Apple's Windows software was efficient to the extent that sometimes it was the only way to install an update.  Still, I can use QuickTime to detect its available updates; but can we expect Apple to fix this problem?

Windows 7, MSI A6200 Laptop 64-bit
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    Yesterday, for the first time since reinstalling QuickTime, Apple Software Updater worked; however, today it does not.  Perhaps Apple is working on it but their work is not completed.

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    After on and off results from the Updater, I will assume that Apple by now corrected the situation.  The results from running the Updater have been steady.  Thanks to all who considered the problem.

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    1. Right click on Apple Software Update in the Start Menu and bring up the Properties Window
    2. Select the Security tab
    3. Select your Username (don't worry about what rights the computer Administrators group has, it does not apply here) and select Edit
    4. After you pressed Edit, you should have a Window that shows all the computer groups (Administrators, etc.) and usernames (yours and other users (if any)) on your computer. Select yours.
    5. Change your Rights to Full Control, press OK.
    6. Press Apply, applying the changed settings to Apple Software Update, then press OK to close the Properties Window.


    You can now run Apple Software Update and see what programs (updates) there are to download. For some reason, the latest update which came down gave the computer user (in this case, you--meaning pitiful us) no rights other than deleting. This meant that we could not see anything--no updates, nothing. What we just did through this list was give the ability back to the user.