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I need to know the length of the show to pick music and to plan how many show I can get on a dvd.  Where is the length listed?  Or is it?

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    hy not pick the music you want and then use the setting "Fit slideshow to music".




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    Thanks but..... My shows have an average of about 100 slides per show what cover more that one event.  iDVD cuts you off at 12 so I have to try to fill of a DVD using only 12 shows. Most slides are 2 sec so it moves quickly.


    As a result I can't use that option.  Is my only other option to edit in Gragage Band to fade the music at the end of the show and perhaps change the music for some events?


    Is it possible to know the exact length of the show, without exporting it first?


    Thanks T

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    iDVD cuts you off at 12

    If you're referring to 12 slideshows per menu that's true but you can have more than one menu with an additional 12 slideshows (actualluy it might be 11 since you have to replace one of the slideshows with a submenu link.


    This screenshot is an example of submenus from a main menu:



    Bottom line:  you can have more than just 12 slideshows per iDVD project.