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I have brought the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 withch has a new CMOS sensor with excellent image quality. But unfortunately the iPhoto does not support the new RAW format of this camera.

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    If you are going to work with RAW image files it may be time to use a REAL photo editing program. Something like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop (the real one) or PS Elements. iPhoto is a poor choice for RAW image work, as you have found out.

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    I was under the impression that the Mac uses a single set of RAW converters. I'd guess that Aperture and iPhoto process the same things.


    This relatively new camera has not yet had a converter issued, patience! Or, use Adobe which does tend to cover more models faster.

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    The RAW converter information for the X-Pro1 has to come from Fuji to software developers. So far, neither Apple or Adobe have RAW conversion capabilities for the X-pro1. As soon as Apple is able to provie the RAW update, you will be able to process RAW images in either iPhoto or Aperture.  The same goes for Adobe, whether you're using Lightroom or Photoshop. From what I have gathered from other photographers, this is a Fuji issue, not Apple or Adobe.


    I have the X-Pro1, too. Its frustrating waiting for the RAW converter in these programs. Meanwhile, if you really want to work with the RAW files, we're stuck using Fuji's frustrating software. My solution is to shoot RAW+JPEG. This way, I have something good to work with and look at now (JPEG) and I can work with the RAW files if/when the converter comes out. Hope this helps.

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    For now I just use this software to convert them in .tif, so you get all the colors from your camera (film emulation, saturation etc..).  Then you can work the files in Aperture.

    RAW FILE CONVERTER update (ver. for X-Pro1

    http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc/v3 291/download.html

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    As RAW is not supported for the time being, I am taking photos with RAW+JPEG now and hope the RAW files can be used in future. But there is still a problem for me. The RAW files in the SD card cannot be imported into my computer but keep in the SD card. iPhoto and Finder refused to import the RAW files as they are in "Unknown format". The SD card will be full after sometime and become unusable.


    The "RAW FILE CONVERTER update (ver. for X-Pro1" is capable to view or convert the files into JPEG but cannot help importing the files from the SD card. Since the JPEG file is already done in camera, the RAW FILE CONVERTER seems almost useless. 


    At least Apple or someone should make a tool to help importing the RAW files from the camera to the computer. Or such tool is just unaware to me?

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    I am not sure how it works in iPhoto, but in Aperture, the RAW file is imported but cannot be read or converted. My RAW files are going to have to wait until the converter software is available for Aperture and then I can process them.


    As for your problem importing the files from your camera, try simply copying the RAW files to a folder in your Mac. Don't do it through iPhoto.  I think iPhoto may not be able to understand the RAW files so it ignores them and won't import them. The files can be copied from your SD card, the computer just sees them as files and will store them. Keep them in a folder until you either convert them using Fuji's RAW converter or until someone else has a converter you want to use.

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    Adobe Lightroom 4 will read and work with the Fuji X Pro 1 RAW files.


    I have a 30 day free trial at the moment and the results are not bad at all.


    It's annoying that the controls in LR are on the right rather than the left though - I keep looking at the wrong part of the screen, having been using Aperture since it was released.


    Aperture is very slow to adopt new cameras. The X Pro has been out for at least half a year now if not longer, and I am surprised that there is still no sign of progress on this front.


    Try Lightroom.

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    You're right. The day after I posted that response a friend of mine corrected me: with Lightroom 4.1, the X-Pro1 RAW files can be read. I actually do have Lightroom 3, but prefer Aperture for its work flow. It's a personal choice; LR is a great program. I just choose something else.


    I have tested a few of my X-Pro1 files on LR 4 and for me, personally, they don't match what I am getting with RPP, a program that does a remarkable job of converting the RAW files. There's even an RPP plug in for Lightroom 4. The program is donation-ware so you might want to test it out and compare results for free. I would be curious to see what you think. There's a learning curve and the interface is not very elegant, but I love the results. These files combined with the newest firmware update this week has made the X-Pro1 one of my favorite cameras.


    Thanks for the correction. I do agree that Aperture is slow to adopt new cameras and it's really frustrating. Took them far too long to come out with a Nikon D700 converter. My ideal would be the Aperture workflow combined with the adaptability of Adobe.

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    I would have to agree.


    Combining the two is certainlt what I would like to do.


    I'm trying to sort out the mess that Apple has made of Aperture with the latest 'upgrade' - now it won't open and as a working professional, I need access to work done for clients!!

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    Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I am a photographer, not a software expert.  Aperture has been working very well for me in Mtn Lion. Some quirks -as always- but a step forward for the most part. I resisted the upgrade to OSX 10.8 until recently... but then resistence was futile....  Good luck!