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A little while ago I backed up some files on my iMac to an external hard drive (formatted in the Mac format). These were primarily office documents (PDF files, Microsoft Office) and some photos. The documents had orignally been copied to my iMac from a PC (via USB), whilst the photos were imported directly to the iMac. Having brought a MacBook Pro recently, I've been attempting to copy the data over. Unfortunately, I keep getting error code 36 when it attempts to copy the files over. I've tried skipping some of the files it gets stuck on, but it keeps finding more. This also happens when I am just trying to copy over a folder of photos. Another unusual thing that I noticed is that when I try to copy a folder containing just under 300 files, when it attempts to copy it says it is trying to write 1,500+ files... which I don't quite understand.


I've run the disk utility tool to check the hard drive, but it says it's fine. Prior to copying the data over to the external hard drive in the first place, it had been freshly formatted. Unfortunately, since this was the backup disk, I kinda need to save these files!


Does anyone know of any solutions out there that could help?

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)