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  • rob.comley Level 1 (5 points)

    A solution for some?


    My wife was having the problem of podcasts on our imac not transferring to her iphone despite the settings appearing to be correct, after a few minutes of playing round I discovered that if I made those problem podcasts into  playlists (on the mac) then told itunes to sync those playlists (to the phone), the phone looked for the podcasts and dropped them striaght into the podcast app.

  • Lock24 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to add my experience & solutions. As everyone else in here I have been having the exact same annoying issues with Podcasts. I listen to a majoirty of podcasts at work on an iMac, I listen in my car on an iPhone 5, I have an iPad that I would also like synced, & I have an iMac at home that I would like to remain synced when working there. There simply is 0 combinations of solutions to make all of this work the way it should. I have spent countless hours going back and forth doing syncs, subscribing, unsubscribing, & deleting. In addition to all of this I have 2 Apple TV's that I would love to add to the mix, but have given into simply Airplaying off my iPad or iPhone when listening at home. So, at the moment the best solution I have is unsuscribing from cloud sync on everything. Downloading all my podcasts a work. Syncing my podcasts to my iPhone & iPad before leaving work & never syncing or downloading any podcasts on my home computer. When at home I have to keep switching between my iPad and iPhone to keep what I have listened to on each device up to date & than syncing 1 of those devices to my work computer when I go back to work for the week. It is basically the most annoying, frustrating process in the world for someone who devotes his listening time almost exclusively to podcasts. It is shocking to me that this product was implemented this way & this much time has passed without an update or even an acknowledgement of this issue by Apple. What in the is going on Apple? I would download Downcast on all my devices if there was a useable Mac app. It is just not an option for me to not have a Mac option. Though even this would not solve the Apple TV issue. Does anybody have any other suggestions or a link to the reported Downcast beta? I can't seem to find it with a Google search.

  • Joe Faber Level 1 (115 points)

    Encouraging to see others having the same issue. I too have struggled to sync podcasts between my phone, ipad, and mac. Is the general consensus that 1) reinstalling the podcast app may help, or 2) don't use podcast app and stick w/iTunes?

  • Scionwest Level 1 (10 points)

    Wow, this is very unsettling that Apple has allowed this to go so long without any kind of fix.


    I submitted feedback to Apple regarding this too, hopefully with more people complaining directly to them (and not just on a forum they obviously never read) they will address it.

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    OK. I appear to have managed to sync my podcasts from iTunes to my iphone 4s. It was not easy. This is what I did. 1) On the iPhone, I went into Settings/iTunes & App Stores/ and turned Automatic Downloads On, for music & Podcasts (Why is this not default?)

    2) I went into iTunes (with the iPhone connected) found Iphone/Podcasts & checked Sync Podcasts. Then it worked.


    Can see no reason at all why it should be so complicated.

  • Lock24 Level 1 (0 points)

    Fifi777 Did you bother to read any of the posts in this entire thread? If you did you would have known the main issue isn't with syncing 1 iPhone to 1 iMac. You would also know that Apple claiming that Podcasts can now sync through the cloud would not require plugging in your phone and syncing it with your Mac. Your solution is not a solution for 99% of the people that have posted in this thread, but you would have known that if you bothered to read any of it.

  • kg4211 Level 1 (0 points)

    Aboutthe tme I thought I had the thing solved it went ape again. There was this big hue and cry of Apple Maps but the podcast app is an even greater disappointment as far as I' concerned. Chaos is the best description I'd use to categories the synch behavior of the podcast app with iTunes. It seemed like Apple wants you to stop downloading podcasts in iTunes but then they left it in iTunes. If you download a podcast in your iPhone listen to it then sync your device to iTunes the listened podcast get loaded over to iTunes and it's status is listened to. OK so far but if you then delete it in iTunes (and resync to iTunes) about 50% of he time you'd better be prepared to see it again get downloaded to your device again. I've tried every combination I can think of to try to control it and when I think I've got it, blip here comes a podcast I listened to 2 days ago. This was really rare before the podcast app came along and could usually be traced back to the podcaster twiddling the dates for some reason. I like being able to download podcasts on my iPhone but sheesh!

  • Lock24 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good news everybody! The Podcast app was updated today after months & months of complaints on forums & over 5,000 1 star reviews in the App store. Finally our dreams have been answered. Just kidding... the app was updated and didn't fix a single one of any of the issues anybody in here has complained about. Isn't Apple great? Not even a mention yet, going back to iOS 5.0 why you can't sync between two Macs. Why a Mac isn't considered a "device" that you can use cloud sync with. And certainly no mention of why the Apple TV can't sync your Cloud Podcasts. But, don't worry they got rid of the tape image. What an absolute collossal f-ing joke this has become.


    P.S. When you update the app, you also get the incredible pleasure of going through 100's of podcasts and re-deleting or re-marking them as listened to simply because you updated to their new awful Podcast app. Isn't this fun everyone! Yippee for Apple.

  • WGQ Level 1 (5 points)

    What a disgrace for Apple.

  • cabioalf Level 1 (0 points)

    So, after the latest really bad release, I can no longer listen to all unplayed podcasts continuously, without choosing each show. At least in the last version, I could listen to all unplayed podcasts from oldest to newest, all the shows on my phone. Anybody figured out a way to do that?

  • LaithP Level 1 (20 points)

    nope. but mine will start with the podcast with the latest episodes play it oldest first to newest then progress to the next most recently updated podcast play its episodes...


    that behavior would be ok I guess... IF I was completely up to date on my podcasts...

  • WGQ Level 1 (5 points)

    Here's what I've observed with the updates so far:


    1.  Mac iTunes still doesn't report anything to iCloud or to the iTunes Store.  Impact = no Mac-to-Mac syncing, no Mac-to-iOS podcast app syncing, no Mac-to-ATV podcast app syncing. 


    2.  Mac iTunes doesn't audit the status of downloaded podcasts with either the cloud or the iTunes store.  Once a new podcast has been downloaded into iTunes, it's status is solely a function of activity on that Mac and it's synced devices*.   * = if you unsubscribe iOS podcasts and if you use 'my computer' access to podcasts on ATV instead of the podcast app, you can keep these peripherals in sync with your Mac – this is the 'old way'. 


    3.  iOS podcast apps do seem to stay in sync with each other across devices.


    4.  ATV podcast apps also seem to stay in sync with each other, although the syncing doesn't happen until you open a podcast so it's hard to tell from the main podcast directory.


    5.  I don't think iOS podcast apps do any updating of ATV podcast apps, or vice versa. 



    If you take these design holes and combine them, add a sprinkling of bugs, you end up with a big pile of ecosystem fail. 


    I simply don't understand how Apple cannot recognize this failure and fix it. 


    By the way, in the iOS podcast app, each individual podcast has an option in settings to add it to 'on the go'.  Does anyone know what this is?  Is it the same thing as hitting the download button?

  • Lock24 Level 1 (0 points)

    You are spot on with everything you said. The 'On The Go' function is simply to add it into the 'On The Go' playlist on the 'My Stations' tab. The Mac to Mac & ATV integration is so **** frustrating. However, I have officially turned subscriptions on for all my podcasts (previously had it off) & have been syncing to 1 Mac. I have been having a great deal of success with this, when previously I had not. Episodes that had been deleted or marked played would re-download or show up in the Podcats app. Through 1 day of experimenting this seems to have been fixed, which is actually a nice step forward. So far I have been able to mark as played or delete on my Mac or Podcast app & that is represented effectively & seems to stick on the opposite device. Keeping 'Only Keep Unplayed' marked on both my Mac & Podcast app has been automatically cleaning out both sides, which is incredibly nice. Don't get me wrong, the lack of dual Mac syncing, or Cloud syncing to a Mac at all is absolutely ridiculous, but at least something seems to have improved.

  • WGQ Level 1 (5 points)

    Great update - thx!  I'll play with my settings as you describe to see if I can achieve the same level of success. 


    Like you, I am staying subscribed to podcast apps on my iOS devices... I'm too stubborn to step backwrds, even though I know how to make most of the ecosystem work 'iTunes style'.  I keep thinking "I must be missing a setting somewhere, it can't be this ridiculous."

  • Scionwest Level 1 (10 points)

    I believe the issue here, is that Apple is using their API the same way normal users are for the Podcasts app. Since it is not a built-in iOS app, they are abiding by the App Store rules.

    The issue with this, is that iTunes can not access the iCloud data stored in the Podcast sandboxed iCloud location. Neither can ATV.


    In order to fix this, Apple needs to use custom API stuff, add Podcasts to the stock iOS and then add iTunes as a stock OS X app (everyone uses it anyway) and get the syncing to work. Either that, or open up the ability to allow apps to cross-communication between the sandboxed iCloud paths.

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