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Just stopped into my local BB where they finally finished setting up their display and MBPR models. The higher priced model had been opened for a few days and I guess employees were testing/updating it while the lower model was just opened today I was told.


Just simple internet browsing was horribly sluggish. Even with Apples new idiot slider (resolution slider) bumped down to the lowest allowable setting, performance jumped margially. Most of the stock applications worked without much problem.


What am I comparing to? The latest MBA 13" base model.


I tried several different websites and the only thing that functioned close to smoothly were Apples own sites (shock). Even then, Apple sites has slight hitching similar to FPS drop in gaming.


My question, is this normal and if so why?


It honestly felt like 3+ year old tech in a pretty new body.

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    Btw, I just wanted to note that sluggish performance wasn't just the browser. It wasn't as if download speeds were slow and it was tyring to load the pages. The whole system was slow when trying to render even at the lowest resolution.

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    Yeah work have just bought me the Macbook Pro 13" Dual i5 2.5 GHZ performance is dissapointing with anything that involves disc access. Migration from 2007 Macbook took ages and at the moment opening Apps and any other disc access my old macbook with the Seagate 7200 500GB 8GB Hydbrid beats it hands down. I've actually left feedback with Apple saying its a bad joke to sell this as a pro machine with a 5400 RPM drive.

    512GB Crucial M4 SSD ordered so that should sort it also going to stick 16GB RAM when it comes in stock with Crucail UK. I had read the specs so had already budgeted for these upgrades. Think the base model should at least come with a 7200 RPM drive possibly even a hybrid considering the price tage for the Laptop.

    Some perfromance hit with the stock HD is because Time Machine is migrating my old backup image.

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    Hey there, I am refering to the MacBook Pro w/Retina display. The base model has a 256GB SSD. The base model 13" MBA has SSD as well (128GB).


    Side to side, the Pro is much more of a powerhouse than the MBA, yet that is not what I found using both. Just in absolutele basic usage, the MBA smoked the MBPR which is unbelievably pathetic. 1K vs 2k...


    Either I am missing some option/setting on the MBPR, the resolution isnt working properly or that Lion doesnt handle the new overall specs properly.

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    Anyone have any idea why I would be seeing lower performance on the higher end model?

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    Drastic but effective soution for me!