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I need to be able to access my work server to obtain information form our Windows 2003 Server. We have our product prices and other information on servers and today I use the remote desktop client that comes with Windows 7. I was hoping to find a suitable solution to allow me to use my macbook pro with OSX 10.7.4 Software. Does anyone know how to use OSX to make a remote desktop connection as you would through windows 7. I've seen CoRD and Microsoft did have a version but it's for older versions of OSX. I could run W7 but then I would have to purcase another copy and VM if I decided to run it virtual.



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    This is not an Apple Remote Desktop issue  - ARD is Apple's software for managing networked Macs - but CoRD and Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac should both work with Windows 2003 and both work on Mac OS X 10.7; I have used both on my systems. iTap Mobile RDP is another option, and the one I use daily since I've found it to be faster than either CoRD or Microsoft RDC, though iTap is not free.