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Hello all


I've got a sever that's been recently upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.7.4 and I'm having trouble accessing the Profile Manager's web interface. After configuring everything in the Server app I procede to click on the "Open Profile Manager" link at the bottom of the window. Safari then opens up and after authentication directs me to a webpage with the following text:


{"redirect_url":"https://research.eng.utk.edu/auth?redirect=https://research.eng.utk.edu/devicema nagement/api/authentication/callback"}



When I tried to connect from a different computer I get the same response. Reloading the page and logging out and back in produces the same message in both locations. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Any help is greatly appriciated.




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    Well, I was just checking on Profile Manager, since I wanted to check a user's profile.


    First the wiki had let me down, I somehow managed to get it back.


    But now, I also have this exact same problem.



    Logs keep saying the following each time I try to connect.


    I guess that "auth_token" is somehow missing...

    But I don't even know what it is...



    auth_token doesn't exist

    [1702] [2014/02/28 14:12:35.505] I: Filter chain halted as [:verify_auth_token] rendered_or_redirected.

    [1702] [2014/02/28 14:12:35.505] I: Completed in 1ms (View: 0, DB: 0) | 403 Forbidden [https://sub.domain.com/magic/do_magic]

    [1703] [2014/02/28 14:12:36.495] I: Processing AuthenticationController#callback (for at 2014-02-28 14:12:36) [GET]

    [1703] [2014/02/28 14:12:36.602] I: auth server error 401

    [1703] [2014/02/28 14:12:36.603] I: Filter chain halted as [:verify_auth_token] rendered_or_redirected.

    [1703] [2014/02/28 14:12:36.603] I: Completed in 108ms (View: 0, DB: 1) | 403 Forbidden [https://sub.domain.com/authentication/callback?auth_token=[FILTERED]b64afb7d-ffe0-4ba4-ac3a-797b3c594df6]



    I just keep running into issues with this server... ^^'


    I just had to download a postgres.sql .plist file that had somehow disapeared from the "Config" folder in "PostgresSQL For Server Services" from opensource.apple.com, in order to get the Wiki back... before restoring the whole server from a Time Machine backup, then having to delete the Open Directory through Terminal and restore it from an Archive... I was hoping that this Profile Manager issue had been caused by updating to Mavericks 10.9.2 and Server.app 3.0.3. It doesn't seem to.



    I don't want  to erase the whole disk and reinstall from scratch ! ^^'

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    I'm having the exact same problem



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    Well, it won't apply to Lion, but I had similar issues with Profile Manager similar to in this thread -




    Their solution worked for me - on a Mavericks server.  But I think you could do this with ML.  It was a no fault thing in Mavericks - if it didn't work, it didn't hurt.  As one of the posters noted, it gave you a little, "hey, you just put server in the trash, I'm going to save your settings" message.  And indeed it did.


    Good luck, this doesn't sound good.

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    thanks, i'll give this a go, bit nervous of it not retaining all my settings but I have a clone so its not the end of the world

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    Unfortunately I can't trash and replace my server because I was on Server 2.2.1 , if I delete it and try to re download from the app store it tells me 2.2.2 is not available

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    after a lot of messing around I backed up my certificates, destroyed my OD and restored it from a recent backup, then re-imported the original certificates back into keychain and to my surprise everything is now fixed !

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    Unfortunately, trashing the Server.app and reinstalling it doesn't help in my case.

    Just got me back to where I was before trashing it (which is still a nice surprise, considering how random it behaves).


    Didn't try the certifcates and OD destruction / restore...

    Don't want to get through this. Certificates were a mess to start with. Messing with those... could just as well mess up what little I have still working. Would be annoying...

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    Where can I find these said "Certificates" so I can try to restore me keychain. I'm dealing with the same issue.