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Hi all,


My ipod nano 3G has been acting up for about 3 months now.  It started off by being frozen and would not respond to touches on the click pad for increasingly long amounts of time (first it was 5 minutes, then 10, etc.).  It has come to the point where it won't respond at all now.  I am able to view it in itunes and I can play music through itunes from the ipod.  I can also play music through an 'ihome'. 


I have tried absolutely everything I can find on the internet to update it/reset it/restore it/everything it about 5 times each.  The click menu/select together for 6-8 seconds does nothing but dim the screen (no apple icon appears).  In fact I cannot get an apple icon to appear no matter what I try. 


Has she just finally kicked the bucket as my exercise buddy and time to retire her?


Thanks for any info I can get.



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