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Warning: this post conains some sper dumb questions


I've got a Macbook - old, but seems super fast

I'm a newbie to Mac


I'm really confused!!


What's the bottom line with the icons for?

Doh! Sounds like a dumb question!

Is it meant to be my most commonly used programs??

Should I start adding and removing?


Where are my apps?? I open something and minimise it

How am I supposed to get back to it??

I can alt tab to it - but really annoying if I have looads of apps opened as I have to cycle through all windows


Where is it minmised to??

Answer: to the bottom line. Where is it? I get really confused about this - is it on the far right hand side?

What if I have several browser windows open? How do I browse between the windows?

I press X on the top left, but this doesnt close the application, it just seems to be minimised??

I've discovered that if I hit 'Apple Key + Q' that closes properly - is there no way to close via the mouse?