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Any interfaces that would enable me to mix in 5.1 through the digital optical input of a home theatre reciever?


Just wanting to do some surround mixing without spending too much money!

mac osx MBP17, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • mdee Level 2 (250 points)

    I did this several years ago but I plugged the individual outputs on my old MOTU 828 into the individual inputs of an inexpensive Home Theater receiver. I was using Digital Performer at the time. I used 1/4 TRP to RCA adaptors.

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    Cool. Tnx mdee


    I saw a interface called a motu HD hdmi interface... It has a hdmi out along with separate analog outs... I was wondering if I could use this to connect to hdmi in pretty much any reciever w hdmi.... And mix through it


    But if that doesn't work I may do it the way you did Mdee


    Kinda want to make this work without too much outlay, and was even wondering about one of those cheap external FireWire or USB soundcards that have 7.1 output via RCA.... The diamond something or other was like 30 bucks or something....