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Hi Guys


First time posting so please excuse the lenght of question if I do begin to ramble.


Ill first list what I have then ask my question:


2003 Mac Pro G5 1.6 4 Gb Ram (my first ever Mac, so bit of a soft spot)

Old Airport Extreme (using Airport Utilities 5.6-probably bought same time as G5 2003)


Recently purchased refurbished Mac Book Pro 2GHz Intel Core i7 and iMac 2.7 Quad Core Intel i5



What I would like to do is bump up the memory in G5 and use it as a home server for my new macs.

Have opened file sharing in G5, am testing on mac book pro, so opened file sharing on this but not sure how Im supposed to access the G5 from MacBP?


Tried setting up Airoprt and attaching it via USB2.0 to front of G5, and start G5 whilst holding 'T' to start in harddrive mode but no luck.


Will keep searching internet but feel like its probably something really easy Ive missed out.


Thanks in advance guys.



MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Presuming that you have your own Internet Router...


    ... once you can get each Mac Onto the Internet without re-cabling, you cabling for File Sharing is complete.


    Enable File Sharing on the G5. N.B. "Sharing" in the Mac OS X sense means "Making available for everyone". Once available, you just use it.


    on the other Mac use Finder > Go > Connect to Server. Enter a username and password that is Valid on the G5. A pseudo-drive will mount (like an external drive).


    On older versions of Mac OS X this gives you access to whatever that G5 User has access to. On newer Mac OS X, you specify what access is allowed right in the sharing panel.


    Wireless is a little slow for "near Hard Drive" experience with File Sharing. Gigabit Ethernet with jumbo frames does not seem slow at all, but may require a Gigabit Ethernet Switch in some cases.