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does anyone know how to format cells in a table for phone numbers, so that the number will be separated into area code, prefix and number with hyphens in between?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    Hi Dodie,


    Use a Custom Format, set up as follows:

    Picture 2.png



    1. Select the cells to be formatted.
    2. Open the Inspector, choose Cell format (42)
    3. Use the pop-up to choose Custom
    4. Type two hyphens after the integers element present be default.
    5. Put the mouse pointer on the element and click the white triangle that appears.
    6. Choose Hide separators
    7. Repeat and choose Remove Digit.
    8. Drag another Integers element from the list into the box, and drop it between the two hyphens.
    9. Remove a digit from this element.
    10. Drag a third Integers element into the box and drop it after the second hyphen
    11. Click OK.


    Enter phone numbers as a string of 10 digits. (see entry box in example)




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    Thanks man!

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    Thanks for helping all of us.