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I'm low on internal hard drive space.  Am using Time Machine.  It appeaqrs that Time Machine is creating disk images in my downloads folder, taking up even more space.  Is there some way to limit or stop that process and just use Time Machine to baack up

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello Gary,


    TM shouldn't be making any images on the Desktop!???


    Is the external drive full?

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    Hi BDAqua,


    Thanks for the reply.  The Disk Images are appearing on my Internal HD, in the Download folder.  Even after I've backed up with Time Machine to the External Drive, those files are still on the internal HD.



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    What are they called?


    Have you tried mounting one of the images to see what's in it?


    I wonder if your external is getting lost & TM is using this method???


    In Finder's Menu, select Go menu>Go to Folder, and go to "/volumes". (no quotes)


    Volumes is where an alias to your hard drive ("/" at boot) is placed at startup, and where all the "mount points" for auxiliary drives are created for you to access them. This folder is normally hidden from view.


    Drives with an extra 1 on the end have a side-effect of mounting a drive with the same name as the system already think exists. Try trashing the duplicates with a 1 or 2 if there are no real files in them, and reboot.


    If it does contain data...



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    This is an example of one of the files I'm seeing.  There are others with the same file  (iPhoto) and different files.


    copy1-iPhoto9.3Update.dmg    331 MB      Disk Image


    Also as I'm using the computer online, my HD free space keeps falling.


    Thanks again,



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    PS:  I only have the external attached when I want to do a backup using Time Machine.

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    Hmmm, is TM turned OFF?


    It doesn't seem TM would be doing this, are you running any other backup SW?


    Is Safari maybe stuck continually downloading recent files?


    What are the Dates on these files, especially ones of the same basic one?


    Can you trash those files?

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    I'm turnin TM off and see if that makes a difference.

    Am not running anyother backup SW.

    The files are iPhoto, Safari, Keynote, Firefox, Skype, iDVD etc.  All file names start with Copy, as in the file I listed previously.


    Maybe leaving TM in the on position has started all of this; will see what happens.  Can't find any indication that Safari itself is downloading files; curious that what appears to be backups are al in the Download Folder.



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    Gary, it's so strange that they start with Copy, only way I know how to do that is with an Applescript, or Automater function!???

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    Not sure what those are or when I would have activated them.  All this is occuring in the background.  I don't know it's been done until I look in Finder and see the files added to the Download Folder.


    Probably time to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro.  This one is 4 years old.

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    I just discovered that the cause of the problem is the CNET Tech Download program, which searches your computer and keeps track of updates for your programs.  Appears this is been going on almost daily and thus the cause of "Copy" - Updates appearing in the download folder.  I've trashed the program for now and erased the Updates in my Download Folder and regained ~ 15G of space.  We'll see if that's the solution.


    Thanks for your help.  Maybe others will benefit fronm the info.



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    Great work Gary, thanks for the report... did seem some other APP was at play!