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Okay, Heres how this all started,


My friend who is a developer was using iOS 6 and I was like hey the new updates are kinda cool, I might try it out.


Well so I downloaded iOS 6 (Free), Stupid idea from the start.


Got it on my iPhone 4s which I just got on June 8th by the way.


Everything went well after a couple errors.


Then it couldnt activate because I don't have a developer account, Oh well I thought, Just restore it.


iTunes said **** that, and I have been stuck in recovery mode with error 1601 for about 4 hours.


For the record once this is fixed, I am trading this in for a Droid Razr. I can't deal with Apple ever again.


Please help me....

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Error 1604

    This error is often related to USB timing. Try changing USB ports, using a different dock connector to USB cable, and other available USB troubleshooting steps (troubleshooting USB connections. If you are using a dock, bypass it and connect directly to the white Apple USB dock connector cable. If the issue persists on a known-good computer, the device may need service.

    If the issue is not resolved by USB isolation troubleshooting, and another computer is not available, try these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Connect the device to iTunes, confirm that the device is in Recovery Mode. If it's not in Recovery Mode,put it into Recovery Mode.
    2. Restore and wait for the error.
    3. When prompted, click OK.
    4. Close and reopen iTunes while the device remains connected.
    5. The device should now be recognized in Recovery Mode again.
    6. Try to restore again.

    If the steps above do not resolve the issue, try restoring using a known-good USB cable, computer, and network connection.


    Error 1600, 1601, 1602

    Follow the steps listed above for Error 1604. This error may also be resolved by disabling, deactivating, or uninstalling third-party security, antivirus, and firewall software. See steps in this article for details on troubleshooting security software.

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    Okay well that error went away but now I'm getting this


    Error 3194?

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    Unable to contact the iOS software update server gs.apple.com

    Error 1004, 1013, 1638, 3194: These errors may be the result of the connection to gs.apple.com being redirected or blocked. Follow these steps to resolve these errors:

    1. Install the latest version of iTunes.
    2. Check security software. Ensure that communication to gs.apple.com is allowed. Follow this article for assistance with security software. iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues.
    3. Check the hosts file. The restore will fail if there is an active entry to redirect gs.apple.com. Follow iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting to edit the hosts file or revert to a default hosts file. See section "Blocked by configuration: (Mac OS X/Windows) > Rebuild network information".
    4. Try to restore from another known-good computer and network.
    5. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service.
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    I had the same problems. I finally went to my husbands computer which is not connected to my phone. On his computer my phone was recovered:-) I was able to restore my phone to factory settings and reload ios 6