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Does the recommendation in this article apply to the iPad 1/2 or iPad "3"? When I build at 2048x1536 and load into a new iPad, it resizes on import -- but it's not resizing it to 1024x768, so what is it doing? I don't want my images to look pixelated on the new iPad, so 1024 is not sufficient!


Also, what's the recommendation for using custom line and paragraph spacing? I've had issues in the past... it looks fine on the PowerBook (slightly looser leading, increased paragraph spacing instead of double-spaces), but when I transfer it to the iPad the lines are immensely loose and falling off the page. I can't change it within the iPad app, so I have to go back and forth. It seems that there IS support for custom leading and spacing within the app, but I can't find where to set it!



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