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I have and do find iTunes and the App Store directed at the social media, idle games, and entertainment community with little, if any, regard for mature users trying to add to flexibility of iPhone, iPad and Mac -- in other than social relationships .. like working!


Safari is not my choice, nor has it ever been due to it's poor organization of Bookmark, but in true Appe form theypermitted no other for synching to IOS tools.


Google Chrome was announced today which should be the greatest possible solution to using a browser across all OS, even our PCs.  BUT, trying to find it on either iTunes or theApp Store wasn't productive .. nothing new!!


The childish feud between Apple and Google is indicative of the mentality developing our digital future.  Pretty sad!.


And, Microsoft is trying to follow suit -  amazing.


If I am missing something or there is tutorials available I would appreciate,  I would just like to go to the "store" without being intercepted by an overeager sales pitch in the form of a page full of  "stuff,"'find a product, learn something about it and then buy it if appropriate. 



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