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I broke my iphone 4s screen a few months ago by driving on it and the front screen is all cracked while the back looks new (was in a case) When i go online to get it fixed, there's no i broke my screen option, so do i really have to give them a call? I've heard it would cost me $200 to get it fixed but do they change the screen or they send a new one (refubished) because my battery deeply *****, whatever i do (unactivate everything)




by the way, i don't want to get it fixed by third party and i can't go to an apple store.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, It's locked to Telus
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    They will not replace the screen. They replace the whole iPhone. For iPhone 4S, yes, it's $199. Older models would be $149. If you bought AppleCare+, it would be $49. To qualify your phone must be in one piece. Use the Contact Us link at the bottom right of this page to call Apple and make arrangements.

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    can i buy applecare so it'd be $150 instead of $200?

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    No because they inspect the phone. I had my 4S replaced a month ago for a broken screen. AppleCare+ is only $100. When they replaced my phone for $200, I could purchase AppleCare+ for half price which I did.


    Third party shops will replace the screen and digitizer for about $100. Buyer beware going that route as parts and quality of work will vary greatly. Apple gives you a new, not refurbished phone, in plainer packaging.

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    ok i rather get it replaced by apple so i could get a better battery life


    is it worth it? my battery is terrible, 1 hour = 20% everything off (siri, push, location services, half brightness, just texting and a lilltle bit of safari, all apps closed too)

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    by the way, i don't want to get it fixed by third party and i can't go to an apple store.

    That leaves you with not a lot of options your warranty is void since you have a cracked screen

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    I phoned apple last week, got the box, sent my phone back to them, i'll be getting it tomorrow but it hasn't been fixed, the guy i called must've been new and he didn't charge me the $199 so when apple received it, they never saw the money, so they're sending it back, not repaired, how lucky am I? I called them today, i waited 45 minutes to be told We're sorry but the money needs to be charged from the credit card before we send the first box and it seems like we did not (the dude did not even though it was really clear as he told me the price and i agreed) I wish it wasn't happening, i haven't seen my phone for 5 days and i'm not gonna see it for 5 days next week :(


    thanks apple

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    You can buy the whole front piece (and back separately) on eBay for about $36 and up.  I bought one for $36 and it came with all the tools you need to replace it and there are videos on utube. I called phone and jewelry repair shops and was priced from $150 - $$199. Granted its is not easy to do as there are MANY tiny screws but it can be done fairly cheap.


    They also sell different colors like red, blue, orange, purple etc but they are about $20 more so I just stuck with the white I had.  


    Good luck

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    Where do you go, or who did you call about getting a box sent to you? I am also trying to send my phone in

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    Look at the date stamp of the last post ..............................