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Just Want to Know if PN Works on iMac

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    Power Nap is only compatible with Mac notebooks with Flash storage

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    Well Thats a Bad Idea, That Apple is Limiting They're Stocks.

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    It's not a bad idea. Also, why would you need Power Nap for iMac? Power Nap was made for notebooks because they're portabble, and they run on rechargeable batteries. The iMac doesn't have a battery, like all desktop computers it runs on a plug. It'd be completely useless for an Imac to have Power Nap feature. Apple is not limiting they're stocks, they're simply intelligent to make it available only for netbooks, because it makes sense.

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    So will it work on my new 2012 MacBook pro w/o the retina or Flash?

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    Yes, it will.

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    But the announcement only said macbook air and retina macbook pro. I have the base model of the 13 inch non retina.

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    Power Nap with Mountain Lion is not only missing on my iMac (as expected) but also on my MacBook Air 2012

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    I think you have to search for updates and it should appear one that says: update for macbook pro or something like that and the description says that it brings power nap to the macbook pro and air :)

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    I think there is great value to having power nap on the iMac.    Why not allow these activities to happen while a machine plugged in (no battery) is asleep... it saves power, and in a corporate environment would be hugely valuable to keep systems updated while users are away.


    I would not doubt this will come to some models of the iMac eventually.   It just makes sense.    Problem is, Apple doesn't think corporate environment... which is too bad, since (like it or not) more and more companies are buying Macs.


    @Macgaspode - your Air should be able to get the powernap feature now via software update.  

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    In a cooperate environment you have managed clients. These clients can be woken using Wake-on-LAN. You can then do maintance jobs, distribute applications and install them.


    Power Nap relies on specifica of Intel chipsets and CPU. That is what I heard but I am not a hardware guy. And Apple obviously sees a SSD as a must as a SSD does not emit noise and cannot have a head crash when there is disk acitivty in Power Nap mode and the notebook is in the trunk of your car or your backpack.

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    Good point, though wake on lan would still be less of a power saver.


    My iMac has an SSD... but perhaps the need for such a drive would be lessoned for an iMac that won't be bouncing around as much.


    I can see if the CPU isn't ready for it as a good reason.  Otherwise its a nice feature, why not make it available to other systems....  there is no wake on lan on my home iMac, and I'd sure like to see some of this activity happen while I'm away from my desk.


    I could see the VPN on demand being nice on an iMac as well.    Kind of "direct access" like?  (Windows feature)

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    Good points, I've been thinking the same, that having power nap on an iMac would be a nice feature to have as well. Although some of the points made earlier do seem logical.


    I have another question though, I might be mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that in Lion when the mac's sleeping it's still connected with the wireless so I can still connect to my share drives at home and stuff. However that feature never worked for me EVER. Does anyone know if that's true or if that feature is fixed/available on Mountain Lion? I am still in the middle of updating and anxious to find out.

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    Wake on LAN over Wi-Fi requires the receiving computer to be connected to the power outlet. It is not working with battery power.


    And to see the other computer for Bonjour services like Back to my Mac, your network must have a Bonjour Sleep Proxy. Apples Time Capsule and Air Port base stations of course support this and has a Bonjour Sleep Proxy implemented. But I don't know about other vendors. In Europe the AVM Fritzbox is a very popular router, they don't support it and they have no plans in supporting it in the future. The Bonjour Sleep Proxy was made Open source if I remember correctly.


    Sahile, does this explain your situation?