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   Help, wile my IPod 30 gig generation 5 was charging windows updated and rebooted.  It is Windows formatted.  Now the IPod does not show up in any way on any of 3 computers running Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Ed., or Windows XP sp 3. I have tried all the tips that could be found, different cords, computers, stopping and starting every thing. even completely removing all apple applications. Then doing a complete reinstall all to no avail.  The IPod charges and plays the songs that are on it ok. It just will not show up as a device any place on these windows machines. I can not access it from ITunes, Wiondows, sync it, change any of the music on it, or even format it.

IPOD gen 5, Windows 7
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    That signals a problem with your iPod itself, most likely with the dock connector. Have you check this port for any signs of debris or damage to the pins that could be preventing a full connection with your PC?


    When you do connect the iPod, does anything appear on the iPod's LCD display?