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Hello people,


I got a problem with my macbook pro early 2011.

It wont load internet pages or mail. since we have a new router this problem occurs.

I got full wifi signil ( 3 stripes ) but internet isn't working.

already posted this question on : onemorething.nl but we tried very much but nothin helped.

for the post look this link : http://www.onemorething.nl/community/topic/macbook-thuis-geen-internet-wel-berei k-en-verbinding

All the other computers work just fine in the house and even my ipad en iphone work well on the network.



to specify:


Internet browsers wont load or work. ( mozilla, safari, chrome )

Mail isnt working

If I put my macbook out for a day or so and i start it up again i got internet for half a minute and then it stops.

On my guest account ( safari only account ) internet works just how it should. on the same network.

some times utorrent works while the rest isnt working and sometimes ''dropbox'' is synct when the internet isnt working.


So i think it should be something with the software. But i already 2x comco updated en 2x re-installed lion ( not a clean instal ).


also tried in ''terminal'' traceroute www.google.com what happens then is that he says: unkown hostname.


also tried to delete these files and restart my mac:


but it hadn't have any effect.

also resetted the router ( cisco EPC3925 ) but no succes.

also called UPC ( internet provider ) but they said it's a problem of apple so i should call them.

Apple was more willing to help en let me do some reset commands before starting the computer. But this had no effect.

And then the advised me to call UPC...


I also triend with a ethernet cabel but that isnt working either. It has connection and shows 'green' in network prefferences but wont do internet.

Assistent of network prefferences first always says: green green green green and then internet: red  and server: red.

then i walk trought the steps and then they al become green and he says: network seems to be working fine.

But then still internet doenst work.

Does anybody know a solution ? I really dont know what to do anymore.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    "..On my guest account ( safari only account ) internet works just how it should. on the same network...."


    Ok so it's a specific problem with your account, and the problem seems to be dns resolution.

    You may need to flush the dns cache



    Or maybe someone has fixed your ip or dns or gateway addresses up for the old router that had a different ip address range. That would affect you but not guest account.


    See "my macdoes not connect to internet" in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4628

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    Hello Peter,


    I tried that but both didn't work.

    Do you know other things i can do ?

    Or things that i do need to take a printscreen from to see if everything is oke?

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    Hi Leander,


    as peter_watt said there is probably a glitch in your DNS configuration. Check the DNS settings in your router first. I don't know your Cisco router so I cannot help here. Use the IP "" which is the Google DNS server. It should always work.


    Second, on your Mac open System Preferences -> Network. Choose your connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and click on "More Options" or similar at the bottom right of the window. A new window opens. Click on DNS and make sure to add "" as DNS-Server.


    Click "Ok", the window closes. Then click on "Use".


    I had a similar problem and this worked for me. Hope it will work for you too....

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    I mananged to put this on ( before it was ) but it hasnt had any affect.

    Don't know how to change this in the router.

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    Log in to your router using Safari (Open See this manual on page 29. Follow steps how to log into the Administration pages. Then proceed to page 36 of the manual. Here you find how to enter the DNS entries.


    Hope it works.

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    I cant get in... if i typ it in safari i get this :

    HTTP status 403

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    I tryed some things and now i think i've found the problem: utorrent! when it's running all the rest of internet seems to not work anymore and when i close utorrent everything works. I already tried to put the utorrent app in trash bin and re instal it. But doenst work and it keeps it's previous settings. so my question now is: how can i clean instal utorrent so its put back to fabric settings or what settings do i need to change to make it work again?


    thanks in advance

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    same here!!


    after the last update, on my retina MBP 10.8.2, the wifi signal of the OS shows allways full, but the signal reception in the retina is so awfull that I installed the wifi Signal app, that shows what's going precissely and says the truth.


    My problem it's not because some soft interfiering, I mean, 30 mts from the router, I didn't get conection, of course, normal BUT mac os x wifi signal says it's full!!!


    I think Apple did it again like with the GPRS/3G signal of the iPhone, that they updated the iOS to make it shows allways full signal.


    where is the FCC???!!

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    If you get wifi but can’t get Internet without repeated disconnects and slow loads, you need to edit your Locations in Network Preferences. If it doesn’t make sense that your modem and router work, yet your functioning Airport card can’t deliver content, according to the Genius Bar expert at Upper West Side, it’s like getting an envelope in the mail, “but nothing’s in it.”

    In Edit Locations, from the drop-down he clicked the “+” to create a new Location which he named “Automatic” (any name will do). My old locations somehow got corrupted. The new location setup new a new default WiFi (and Ethernet and FireWire) and connected to the Internet immediately. So far, I haven’t had to re-enter any passwords. No PRAM zaps, reboots, and modem resets (didn’t work anyway).




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    MY FIX... Basically i could get on the internet in certain rooms of my house wierelessly but not others, my ipad could cennect all round the house. As it was infuriating i was considering buying a booster plug but then tought there is full signal it should work, this is when i stumbled accross the realisation it might be the channel of the router, the more reading i done the more it made sense, i went from channel 1 to channel 11 and now i have perfect internet everywhere. Because im in a residential area there are loads of wirless networks all probably trying to use the same channel! try changing your channel guys, i has the ip address problem, simply wouldnt connect problem, connected but no internet problem and they all got fixed by this ! good luck !

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    The DNS works for me. Thank you, internet people! Man, that was frustrating.

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    Thanks pburley01The creation of a new location fixed the issue for me.

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    Did u upgrade to yosemite, although old OS X are starting to loose functions, yosemite on older systems in every case i ran into is a royal nightmare,, my iMac that ran beautfly until last year, finally crashed. I believe there are major problems at Apple. My brand new macbook pro was unusable for several months. I found using diagnostics on your own will be the best way to fix it at your location. System pref to network make sure your wifi is first on list, and underneath check all boxes where system admin is required for any change, and empty cache. This is the start to setting your wifi up. There are others till I figure this out, that have further steps. Mine after sitting with window open started loosing wifi again, but will wake up after checking into network, and be fine. Which is a lot better han it was

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    Thank you so much! It worked great for me.