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Is a way when importing a movie file into a Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 presentation using Applescript,

to have the movie cover the WHOLE slide?


This is the code I am fiddling with, trying  to do that.

I have the width value correct because the width of the slide is filled in with th move/picture.

I playing with different values of the height value, and having no success. Every value I try

for the height doesn't cover the bottom portion of the slide.


script copy_video_step



      tell application "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft PowerPoint.app"




             open file_to_import

             set active presentation to file_to_import


             tell active presentation

                   set movieslide1 to make new slide at end with properties {layout:slide layout blank}


                   tell movieslide1

                         set theDynamicslide1 to make new media2 object at the end with properties ¬

                               {file name:movie_to_import, link to file:true, top:0.0, left position:0.0, height:700.0, width:720.0, save with document:true, shape:media type movie, lock aspect ratio:false}


                         -- I commented OUT the following lines, they didn't help me.             

                         --holdtell theDynamicslide1

                         --holdscale height factor 0.7 scale scale from top left with relative to original size

                         --holdscale width factor 0.55 scale scale from top left with relative to original size

                         --holdend tell


                         set follow master background to false

                         set fore color of fill format of background to {0, 0, 0}


                   end tell


             end tell


      end tell

end script



Thank you,


Applescript, Mac OS X (10.7.1)