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Is there any way to mark email for my iCloud account as spam on my iPhone? I'm running iOS 5.1.1. It's extremely frustrating to receive spam email on my iPhone and have no way of reporting it. The iCloud WWW page will not allow you to log in from an iPhone and instead tells you to use the built-in Mail app. The Mail app will not allow me to mark spam. Since I have my iPhone set to display HTML images in email I have to be exceedingly careful not to open any spam messages until I can get to a desktop computer to log into iCloud.


Sometimes, I don't have access to a desktop for multiple days at a time, which means I can't mark the email as spam for days and have to tiptoe around it. I can't tap the delete button at the bottom of an email, because it might move me to the spam message, which means I'll trip the webbug and I'm hosed.


I thought that the new push was to be desktop-free as much as possible?


Yes, I could just delete it, but that doesn't help to train the spam filters.


Why is there no way, at all, of doing this on an iPhone? It's 5 years old already. Am I the only person in the world that receives spam on their iPhone?