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    FInd iStat Pro and install it. (iStat Pro 4.92) You can choose what you want in its settings. About you heat, open Activity Monitor from Utilities and see if there is anything that uses CPU not in a normal way.


    It should be something that engages your machine more than it needs. If it happens all the time just show the Genius bar let them check this out.


    (For me everything is between 30C to 45C in a normal usage like surfing and etc)


    Good luck

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    Very interesting. I noted that Javascript was running at 25% cpu as I had Schwab's Streetsmart Pro running (realtime stock program). Rebooted. Now just have Safari open. Can't hear the fan (2000 & 2100 rpm), highest internal temp is 39 deg C.


    Relaunched StreetSmart Pro, Javascript running 17 - 35% of CPU, but no change in temperature, no fan noise.


    The rebooting did it. Not sure why.


    But thanks for your ideas and help!


    -- Ken

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    I've installed iStat pro, having it running right now.  My rMBP 2.6 with 16 gig and 512 HD is sitting at these temps while running parallels(HD:39, CPU Heatsink: 51, Airport: 46, Enclosure 1 - 3: 32, GPU 62, GPU Diode 70, heatsink b: 51, memory banks 53)   I even have a cooling pad underneath it.  I've also noticed that my mac tends to sit at 13 - 15% user CPU all th etime, but I don't have any processes using that kind of CPU usage.  Usually the most I have is a single process at like 2%. This is my 1st Mac, so I'm not completely sure I'm understandings all of this. 


    These temps look normal?  Anyone elses machine seem to sit at 15% user cpu usage?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I do video editing, and when I am doing some compression that uses all cores I see temperatures of 104 degrees celcius constantly.


    I'm not concered, its under warranty and hey its probably just the way they built it to run. Coming from the perspective of one who builds his own PC's, i'd never OC my CPU's past 85 degrees, but then I figure to get such speed in a small package your going to have to let the temperatures on a CPU get even hotter. So MEH its hot, its fast, and it appears these CPU's can run this hot.

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    Similar to brocja01.


    These temps look normal??



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    If it were my somewhat older regular MBP, NO. But don't have a Retina (whole different beast) to compare against.


    BTW, I don't trust what iStat states when running on an Ivy Bridge computer. That code is over 2 years and something like 2 CPU architectures old. If you want trustworthy readings, I'd recommend using Temperature Monitor instead, just upgraded for these new beasts.

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    Hi, I was asking myself what was the average temperature of the CPU 2 sensors as shown in iStat and I wanted to share mines. During a real CPU intensive task (all cores running nearly 96-99 %) with fans locked at maximum speed, I have an average 103 °F for CPU 2. (Note here that discrete GPU is not activated since this is purely a CPU intensive task). It ran now for the past 6 hours with a little stand to cool him down a little right under it and the temperature still between 99-104° (depending on the CPU load). It looks all right ! (I'm realy of the performances of my new MBP by the way ).


    *Edit : I run with the i7 2,7 GHz in mine.


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    I have the same issue on my new Macbook Pro Retina 15".


    At the moment even all applications are closed when I start activity monitor it shows as CPU System is uses between 8-15% of cpu power. But actually any application are already shutdown and on the list of activity monitor there are very few process using about 0.1-0.5 cpu power. So even activity monitor shows real cpu usage is around 3-5% but at the bottom of avtivity monitor it shows cpu system usage is up to 15%.


    Hence CPU is used by some application in the background (which can't be monitored by activity monitor) it gets more hot then it should be and it drains the battery very quick.


    Only solution I could find is Resetting NVRAM / PRAM as here :


    1. Shut down your Mac.
    2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    3. Turn on the computer.
    4. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys before the gray screen appears.
    5. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.
    6. Release the keys.

    Then MAC OS Cpu usage gets back to normal when it restarts and works properly for some time.


    But for some reason which I could not find, it gets back to how it was and cpu usage icreases wihout any reason. This may happen even after few hours or few days you started using your mac.


    Still searching for solid solution.

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    Guys, the fans *are* revving up under load. You just can't hear them like other fans, they varied all the blade angles to spread the fan whirr pitch out over multiple frequencies, instead of a single identifiable frequency. If you listen really close, you can pick them out as a quiet high pitch hum.

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    I use Temperature Gauge and my temperature is 55-60C just surfing internet, and max reached is 90C, even then I did not hear the cooler and never went above 2100 rotations per minute, and the right side never goes above 2000

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    It doesn't look to me like "Temperature Monitor" is providing grossly different ratings than "iStat" what it looks like is it can read different (and more sensors).  It has hte individual core senors but it has no hard drive censor, iStat has a hard drive censor but no individual cores.


    I know the temperatures are not exactly the same but I screen shotted them seperately so there could be some normal fluctuation there.


    iStat CPU Heatsink seems to correspond nicely to Temperature Monitor CPU A Proximaty

    iState GPU seems ot be not that far off from Graphics Processor Chip 1 and iStat GPU Diode looks to be a combination of the two Graphics Process Temperature D readings. 


    For some reason tempreature monitor doesn't seem to be able to monitor the hard drive.


    I am also having high temp problems and these readings are toward the way lower end of my scale, maybe because I just turned the computer on.  I am having issues mainly with the GPU getting really hot and poor battery life even when i'm not doing anything.  Computer is constantly warm or hot to the touch, especially above the function keys on the keyboard no matter what I'm doing.



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    The surface heat of the keyboard is extremely too high on my MB Retina. Bought it 3/2013 and it's always been hot.  Today I became fed up with it and took it's surface temperature and it's sitting at 130+ F on the keyboard while just watching a YouTube video.  Really hoping that Apple Care can fix the situation as the support staff over the phone was utter garbage.   Just to put it into perspective... 130F is almost enough to fully cook ham and that temperature is under my fingers.  I'm still trying to justify to myself why I spent $2700 total after student discount on this machine and it's becoming harder each day.  Hopefully they don't try to change out the hardware with hardware that is unequal in performance like they have been known to do.  (*Sigh*) so much frustration with Apple right now.

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    Nice to see things havent changed.  I am using the non-retina MBP Mid 2012 and I also regularly hit 105C if for instance I have Ableton Live and Firefox or say Ableton Live and Fission open at the same time.  I find that most often the temperatures are caused by built in processes that go rogue such as Dock and mdworker.  I had the same problem with my MBP Late 2008 so this is not a new issue.


    Furthermore for me it seems to worse in Mavericks, as I have reverted to 10.8.5 because the driver support is better.


    Also there is no question that MBP fans spin up late.  When the fan hits 4K or more rpm it's audible.  At the speeds you don't hear it it is barely working and the device should not wait until you hit 105 to clock down to 800MHz and kick the fans to 6K rpm.  That should really happen at 85-90 which is not a temperature that will lead to any kind of hardware longevity.


    Selling my MBP, I'm tired of it clocking down if I use a soft synth.