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Where are versions stored and how can you tell if an untitled file was auto saved even though you didn't want it to be?

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    Versions of what?

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    In a hidden folder named .DocumentRevisions-V100 in the root directory of your hard drive.

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    Hi macjack, good start, thank you. Do you have any suggestions for me to view that folder without entering terminal? Would I be able to verify if files that I don't want saved are being saved by viewing .DocumentRevisions-V-100?


    For instance, I did a test file in TextEdit that I discarded after I was done. I want to be sure that that file was not saved anyway, without my knowledge or understanding.



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    You need to "show invisibles" in the Terminal copy & paste...

    defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

    Press return


    If you don't want to use Terminal you can use a GUI utlitly that does that, just google for one.

    You may need to use a text editor to read that, or X-Code to work with it, if that's possible.