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I have a drive with 2 partitions and I need to install boot camp. When I run the program it wants me to reformatt the entire drive and start all over again. Obvioulsy this is not convenient. So I made a 10GB as suggested partition in a FAT format.


When I run Boot Camp program it will not recognize the partition and still wants me to reformat the entire drive.


Help. I just want to install Win XP on the partition already created and use it for one program occassionally.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You must create the Boot Camp partition using the Boot Camp Assistant. Only one partition is allowed though. If you want Windows with multiple partitions  then consider Parallels, VM Fusion, or Virtual Box.



    Boot Camp Assistant lets you choose the size for your Windows partition, and then creates that partition on your internal disk drive without erasing any data.


    The disk must be a single partition, formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). If the disk already has more than one partition, you must repartition it.

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    So I cannot install XP on the Boot Camp 10MB partition I already have. If I want to use boot camp have to wipe my drives and reformat and reinstal. That is the only option?


    I can't just load the needed drivers onto that partition or use Terminal for that purpose? I also can't install XP from the install disk into that created partition?


    Can I do it from a external disk? I don't want to wipe my internal.

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    you need to remove "minus sign" in Disk Utilty, then stretch it back to full size.


    10GB might have worked for XP up to SP2 and support now ?


    Boot Camp Assistant sets up the MBR for you to use Windows.


    A VM avoids the hassle.


    All the help you need from Apple is www.apple.com/support/bootcamp


    otherwise try the 'net but we have long thread here people refuse to give up on XP but no happy ending.

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    Perhaps I need to explain. I have one single program that will only run on XP. I will use it maybe a couple times a year. I used to borrow friends laptops for the purpose ( it Alpine car audio Imprint software). However, it will not work with Vista nor Windows 7.


    If I remove the second partition - thank you you are right I don't have to reformat the drive - then I will lose everything on that partition and it is specially set up for Audio and includes a fill operating system. This was a hassles with licensing keys, etc. so I am not keen of getting rid of it and recreating it.


    For this reason I was now hoping I could try a remote drive. I have done research on the net and Apple forums before asking. Maybe now I can speficy using Boot Camp on an external drive.

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    RE: A VM avoids the hassle as recommended by The hatter. This looks like your best bet as you do not have to lose any data or reformat anything. There is a free VM called Virtual box which would do the job. Check it out and smooth sailing.



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    Thanks. I'll check all of it out. Much appreciated.

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    It might be worth it to use wine.  Just make sure you have X11 installed.



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    Thanks! I'll check it. I think I got it installed right for now. Its working for the software I need it to use.