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My 30GB 5th Generation iPod U2 Limited Edition that has very low usage, and is in mint condition has lost it's ability to produce sound. All other operations seem to work at normal, but any method of trying to get sound from the iPod is a futile effort. I've tried headphones, original buds, and even a Bose powered computer setup with 2 satellites and a sub. Nothing seems to be working. I have reset it, and still nothing. HELP!!!!

iPod U2 Special Edition
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    If you tried other headphones, and a Reset (this procedure)




    try using the Reset Settings command at the bottom of the Settings screen (on the iPod).


    The only thing left after that is to try is a Restore (using iTunes). This will erase the iPod's hard drive and reinstall the latest version of software, set to default settings.


    If that does not help, the most likely cause is a hardware problem, either in the headphone jack assembly, or with the portion of the logic board that produces the audio output.

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    Thank you kindly for your advice. I will attempt a restore, as that is the only thing I haven't tried, other than hardware replacements.

    There are many, many posts about the same issue, that people can push on the lower right corner, and then have the sound/static appear, due to a faulty solder connection on the main board. Evidently it was a defect because Apple replaced beaucoup 5G iPods due to that problem. When I tried to push down on the corner, it did not change a thing. I am hoping that perhaps its a software hiccup. This iPod still has the protective plastic on it, and is certain to have less than 10 hours of play time.

    Thanks again!



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    Hi I have the same problem with an Ipod classic,it  plays but no sound at all. I have tried everything, restore wiped out everything, updates, everything and no luck. do you know where they could fix this problem?

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    Two things here..


    First,  I have a dead U2 ipod, it just died, nothing on the screen, thought the battery had died, however, having taken it apart, but have left everything connected, when I tried charging it, the front panel gets hot (not the battery)

    So I'm at a bit of a loss on what to try and fix  :-(


    Secondly.. Have you done any kind of update prior to getting the problem..?

    The readon I ask is, I have an old ipod touch that wont play any souind at all through the phones connector.. try plugging head phones, or a cable to the amp or whatever, nothing will come out..  Plug my bluetooth transmitter in though, and it will quite happily transmit to my bluetooth headphones.. It was apparently a known problem on the ipod touch I have (an 8gb 2gen I think)


    Can you try that in anyway.. (maybe through the computer/itunes while connected?)