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I've had Shuffle 3rd generation shuffle for forever and never had a problem with it working while i exercise....I run a lot at a time (10+ miles).  I started buying 4th generation shuffle and have had trouble with it once temperatures rise....winter is no problem running with it but now that it's hot, i've run and it dies (totally dead and will not work)....i took it into Apple store and the Genius bar guys shine a flashlight in the charger/earphone hole and says, "there's water damage."  The first one they replaced (2 weeks ago), then i ran the very next day with it, and within a short 3-mile run, this one dies also...i brought it in and they said same thing "water damage" and didn't give me a replacement.  I had to buy a new one.  Litterally, i ran the next day for only 4 miles, and even wrapped it in plastic this time, but at the very end of run, it died totally...dead.


There must be a flaw with this generation shuffle....i still am able to use my 3rd generation (now going on 3-4 years) without a problem while running, but the 4th generation is better with the voiceover and playlist ability but i've now bought 3 and they've all died....ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR SIMILAR ISSUES?????

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    I'm not sure I "buy" your story.    The 3rd gen iPod shuffle (the one without control buttons on the shuffle) also has VoiceOver and playlists.  If you've been using it for 3-4 years, you'd obviously know that...

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    Kenichi, then it's the 2nd generation ("obviously")...whatever...it's the one that is slightly bigger than the current one and doesn't have the ability to separate the playlists or do the voiceover...Kenichi, i'm not on this discussion board for my joy of discussion...i used my old shuffle in my discussion as purely an example of how it plays and does not die while running, etc...but the current generation i've had zero luck...if you have suggestions or experience in this trouble, please discuss....i've been a loyal Mac buyer since 1998 and have been very pleased with every product i've bought (and i've bought a substantial amount)....this shuffle generation is difficult and i want to stick with it since i run long distances and this shuffle is so small and convenient.  thank you.

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    Don't take offense.  Believe it or not, there are people out there who seem to have nothing better to do than making up and posting fake stories on the Internet.    Pathetic, right...?


    Since the indicator indicates water damage, it is probably actually related to moisture.  It had happened only once, I could believe it was a manufacturing defect, but not three times in a row.  It's probably NOT related to heat, because any temperature where running "10+" miles didn't cause heat stroke would not cause a shuffle to fail, only due to heat.


    But if you actually "wrapped it in plastic" and the problem still occurred, I don't see that it could be have been moisture.  Also, even in winter when the temperatures are lower, I run the same distances as you, and I still sweat a lot.  So, if moisture was getting into the iPod to cause this problem, it should also have happened during all the months of winter, at least once.  So moisture from sweat causing this problem doesn't make sense either.


    If this was a general problem, and the majority of iPod shuffles (three in a row for you) are just failing for no apparent reason, with the indicator showing water damage when there was no water damage, then there would be line going out all the Apple Stores of people returning broken shuffles.  And this forum category would be filled to server overload point with similar posts.


    So, I have no answers, and it doesn't make sense...  You should contact Apple directly and talk to Apple customer support.  Use the Contact Us link at the bottom right corner of this web page.

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    sorry for delay in replying....thank you for your reply and sorry for my "smartness" in my reply.....i'm a bit frustrated with this "new shuffle."  I don't have any answers either and am disappointed because i like the small size of the shuffle for running....as i said, i've still got my old generation shuffle and it continues to work fine, but i have no luck with the newer ones.

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    I had 2 ipods die on me within months ... very frustrated too.