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Can i update a 2nd generation ipod to IOS5 ? I know that below "about" in "general" there is suppost to be a  thing that says update but my ipod doesn't have that. And, when i go to itunes it doesn't let me update it. Help !! Please !

iPod touch (2nd generation), iOS 4.3.1
  • stedman1 Level 9 (69,669 points)

    A 2nd generation iPod Touch can not be upgraded beyond 4.2.1.

  • espinosa3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Why ?

  • stedman1 Level 9 (69,669 points)

    Because the hardware of the 2nd generation isn't capable of running the newer Operating System.

  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)

    Same reason any other computer/device can only use up to a specific version of software.


    The 2nd gen ipod is not designed to handle this software.


    The same is tru of your car/computer/tv/dvd player/ any other device.


    Hardware cannot support the newest software forever.

  • janey Hsieh Level 1 (0 points)

    So why I can't get into all downloaded apps after upgrading to 4.2.1.

  • cliftonfromrichmond Level 3 (785 points)

    janey Hsieh wrote:


    So why I can't get into all downloaded apps after upgrading to 4.2.1.

    For the same reason:  Incompatibility.  Older apps may or may not be compatible with newer firmware.


    If you have apps that do not run, connect your iPod to your computer.  Let iTunes launch and synch.  Click on the Apps tab and UNCHECK the apps that do not run and then synch again.  This will remove those apps from your iPod, but they will reamain in your library...


    Now go to the Apps Store and search for the apps you just removed.  READ the details for each app.  If an app does not support running on 4.2.1, look for a similar app that does...

  • iOS5please Level 1 (0 points)

    So you cant get iCloud on a 2nd generation either?


    "ripoff" is a loose term when technology goes out of date so quickly, you've just to move with the times!

  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)

    "So you cant get iCloud on a 2nd generation either?"



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    Is there a place which list down all the apps and their links for a second gen iPod (V2.2.x)?


    I found this old device which was exciting for my kid. There were couple of games like Jelly Car and Penguine Lite. Now, I setup iTunes afresh and downloaded some games because my kid wanted some. In the process of installing them, I killed the exisiting ones (as that is what iTunes does) and then realized that none of these newly downloaded apps out there are compatible with v2.2 or v2.2.1.


    So, tomorrow morning my kid is going to yell at me for deleting couple of apps that were in there. It would be great to know if there is any way in which I could download some games apps which run on v2.2 or v2.2.1. Please!

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    I hope I didn't find you too late, Krrishlnd or anyone else interested, but when I inadvertently updated some apps beyond my 2nd generation iPod's iOS 4.2.1 capability, since I also have a new 3rd generation iPad, and my iTunes dutifully tries to update those apps beyond my iPod's capabilities--or if an app's "improvements" are worse than the previous version, I go to the trash on my Mac's desktop and open it.  Yes, my iTunes normally catches the apps in question, and will state that the app is incompatible with my Touch, but occasionally an app slips through.   In your Trash, unless you empty it regularly, you'll find iTunes' discarded previous versions of your apps.  In fact you may find several earlier versions of the same apps in question, if it has been an unusually long time since you've emptied your trash.  Newer Mac OS 10.X doesn't routinely empty the Trash like OS 9 and earlier used to do on shutdown and restart, so there's hope here.  The discarded apps have abbreviated names you'll probably recognize, all with .ipa extensions at the end.  They aren't overwritten when iTunes updates your iOS devices; iTunes just removes them and places them intact in the Trash.


      What I do is make up a new folder (call it something like "iOS apps recovered from Trash" or whatever you like), either on my desktop or on an external harddrive, and select pretty much every app in my Trash (look for the extension .ipa) and haul them out of the trash to the new folder.  From there (you can't open or use files directly from in Trash--your computer will just let you know you can't do it), just double-click on the older version of the app you want to reinstall on your 2nd generation iPod Touch.  Your iTunes will ask if you want to replace the newer version with the older one.  Click OK and then plug in your iPod Touch and let iTunes update it.  I've restored apps back to working versions when app authors have mistakenly released newer versions too buggy or incompatible (despite being advertised otherwise) with my iPod Touch on several occasions using this method.  If you create the folder on your desktop, the selected Trash's contents empty into it.  If on an external harddrive, the originals remain in the trash--you may empty the Trash now that you've made the back-up folder.


    If you have previously discarded the Trash contents, your only option now is to search on the Internet for archived copies of the apps in question.  Just make sure your antivirus software is up to date, since one never knows where these apps have been...


    I hope this helps.  This method has spared me many headaches over the past couple of years.  Hope your kid, in the mean time, hasn't yelled at you so loudly you have had to take away his/her iPod for bad attitude.  Good luck.

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    Hi PairoDocs..


    Great information.. im not an Ipod Geek and I have the same issue.. I am trying to download new games (Ipod 2) and the apple store needs an updated but in order for me to do the updated I have to have IOS 5, IOS 5 isnt supported on Ipod 2.. there is when I need to scream HELP!!!


    My kids wont yell at me... IM THE BOSS... + the Ipod is my toy!

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    im not sure if it is 2nd gen or 3rd gen.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,201 points)
  • tasyomani Level 1 (0 points)

    id all ready delete those files. is ther another way?

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