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I uploaded 3 videos to Istockphotos.com in hope of eventually get some incoming from my videos.  The 3 files started life as .mov files.  I used converter software to convert them to .mp4.


Whether I try to play the raw .mov files - either from my computer, or from my camera - and try to play the converted .mp4 files. I get the following error message:


Error - 1856: and unknown error occurred



My operating system:  Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit


So far the Istock folks got one of the 3 videos to play and they've approved it (meaning they accepted it) but they said the other two would not play.  I had converted all 3 to an .mp4 format per the instructions at their website.   In their e-mail to me, they said I need to re-upload the files in a format that would play in Quicktime.


According to Apple's website, Quicktime 7 supports .mp4 and .mov


I don't know what else to do.



This is quite frustrating.  Can someone please help me solve this isssue?




quicktime 7, Windows 7