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Fresh Windows 7 install with updates.

Fresh iTunes 10.6.3 install with quicktime.

Core2 Q6600, 8gb ram, 256gb SSD, ATI 6870


My HD video movie/podcast playback in itunes is still choppy and stuttering. Seek time when skipping video segments takes seconds for video to catch up to audio. Once in a while the video will skip for freeze. Fresh install on new computer and CPU utilization while video is playing is only 30% so its not hardware issue, and all new fresh installs so its not installation issue. My hard drive is SSD so its not loading slow.


However, all the SD video plays fine. Zero issues. Something must be wrong with iTunes/Quicktime for windows. All my HD 720 or 1080p content plays fine using 3rd party players like VLC.



Anyone found a fix or work around?