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    Thanks Ferd II. Apple should be paying you.


    Now if you can only solve the AppleID problems:

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    Thanks bud !

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    Thanks bud

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    Thank You! this was an easy good fix.

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    I can't seem to find the files.  I tried using search and copying and pasting ~/Library, etc.  I am having the same problem with constant updating.  Please help!!  This is my system:  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5. (Late 2011)

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    I am not good at this, but I did find something that told me exactly where those files where. I dont know if I can find it again, but it was posted by the person that I thanked. It was easy. So find those directions and try it again.

    I had been stuggle with this for a few weeks until I decided to take 20 minutes and loook on here for a solution.

    best of luck just go into your home folder under your user name and find library and then find Preferences, not preferance panes or panels but just preferences, then find those file in the Preferences folder, and delete them. I do not remeber what files exactly they where, you need to fine thos e directions again,.

    good lucj

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    Just wanted to add one techie tip. My Calendar stopped syncing some time ago and I wanted to get it going again. (iOS devices and were in perfect sync, just not the Mac).


    I didn't want to log out/restart because I was in the middle of a lot of work I didn't want to close down and set up again, so what I did was this instead:

    1. Follow Ferd II's advice about deleting the Calendar files with "cache" in the name. I didn't delete any other files.
    2. Instead of logging out, I opened Activity Monitor and did a search on "cal" and turned up Calendar Agent. Quitting the process from Activity Monitor didn't work, so I force-quit it from Activity Monitor. Like most system processes, it started itself back up, and I saw the cache files re-populate.


    Next time I opened up iCal, I got an "Updating calendars" alert and then, everything was finally fixed and all synced up with iCloud. So I might have gotten it down to the bare minimum of things to do.


    I won't say this will work for everyone and I normally don't advocate force-quitting system processes, but thought sharing this might be informative to techies who care.


    If you are not a techie or don't understand my steps, just follow all the steps Feld II recommended.

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