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    Also, I've tried re-building the library at least 5 times now, as well as repairing permissions and repairing the database.

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    Aperture has two ways of handling images... Mananaged or Referenced. Leave iPhoto out for a moment. I do not use it or know anything about it.


    In an "Aperture Mananged" environment Aperture will "suck" the images into the "Aperture Library" and you will not have access to the through the finder. In the "Referenced" environment, Aperture only keeps track of your changes in the Aperture Library and leaves the files (images) whereever you store them.


    I switched to this method at the beginning of this year, due to out growing the storage capacity on 9  drives and having to have 9 different Aperture Libraries.


    Anyway, so what I am suggesting is that, If you have the images located in a folder try to import them but leave them "in their current location". This is an option in the import screen. It is a much quicker process.


    If they are not in a folder yet, that you can access through the finder, can you move them or "relocate them from the old system to a folder, and then try to import, leaving them in "thier current location"


    (Here is a link to the place in the manual that explains the difference: tion=16%26tasks=true).


    Aperture is a very quirky application, I have had my share of nightmares with it. I am just finally getting the upgrade from Aperture 2 to 3 completed on a new machine that I bought in the beginning of may.


    I will be away from the computer for most of the day today, but if I can help at all I will try.


    Good Luck!!!



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    I jsut saw a post that said to "uncheck" the "Maintain Previews for Libraries" option. It is located to the top of the inspector pane (next to the right of the input bar just above "Library" at the top of the inspector window.  "projects" bar highlighted. Mine was not checked, however I could see how this could be part of the issue....

  • txinfl Level 1 (20 points)

    Lindsay, Here is a link to the other discussion thread that talks about changing the preview setting:


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    I took your advice and uploaded the content to my computer manually, and then opened Aperture, imported and selected the "reference" option. I am elated to say that IT WORKED!! Thank you for your advice, Jack, I am beyond grateful that you took the time to give me this advice.


    Not sure why this was even a glitch in the first place. Hopefully Apple will work on a fix soon.


    Thanks again!!

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    Hi Lindsay,


    So glad that it worked for you!!!! If you are using "Vault" to backup your library, you will have to back up the images that you have manually using the "referenced" method. Vault will back up changes but not the images.


    Also, indicate that it "solved your problem", just in case someone else has the same problem.



    Good Luck!!!



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    For some reason the button "solved your problem" is not appearing for me...

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    Lindsay, only the original poster, who started the thread, will see "Solved" and "Helpful" buttons and can mark the answers.

    You cannot. You will see the buttons, when you ask own questions.


    This is explained in the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use.




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    THANK's to all who tried to help. I would like to report that I finally deleted all Previews and Thumbnails (went to Pictures/Aperture Library - opened package content; deleted folders for Previews and Thumbnails). And started up Aperture.

    Of course it went into a "frenzy" generating new thumbnails and previews (in the end my Library shrunk from 60+GB to 35GB due to new thumbnails and also lower quality setting for Previews which I defined). When Aperture claimed it was all done, I restarted it and noticed that many of my 30000+ photos had wrongly generated thumbnails (pixelated weird images or just black and white large pixels - see attached photosAperture issue.jpg). When clicking on them, the correct thumbnails were generated and Aperture was busy and I had to restart it several times. You can imagine, clicking through most of 30.000+ photos takes a good part of your Sunday, but after I was done, I relaunched Aperture repeatedly more than 20 times and all it does is it keeps generating 136 thumbnails (takes about 5 seconds).

    I have no idea what causes it, but I hope it is finally solved for me. If any weird behavior comes back I will report it.

    I would also like to kindly ask others not to post their own issues unless they are directly related to my original post. While I want all to get help, you are far better of starting your own thread rather than hijacking someone else's. I do not mean to be rude.

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    Noted Gordito.


    Jack, would you be able to look at my question here and offer any advice? (only because you so kindly helped out with this problem here?). :

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    Same problem here. 48,954 previews to go...

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