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This question was previously posted and answered for FCP a couple of years ago. I have the same question but for FCPX, as the previously offered solution doesn't match the menu options on the current version of the software.


Basically I have a number of projects that contain missing clips. The missing media are mostly still images. I know where the replacement images are located since I can easily search for the filenames in my Aperture library from FCPX's Photo Browser.


However if I do a drag and drop from the Photo Browser the image appears pixelated (the source is a high res raw file.) I also lose all my previously set transition effects. If I need to manually set all the effects for all the missing clips than this will simply not be worth the effort.


What's the correct process for replacing an image in a project timeline while preserving all previously set effects?


Either I'm a little slow or the solution for this is ridiculously unintuitive.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.4)