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I've been having some trouble recently when I browse the web using Safari on my new mid-2012 MacBook Pro. Since sometime yesterday, all images have simply stopped loading on Safari, preventing me from viewing them at all. Websites only show up as text and some graphics (eg, boxes of color, outlines). I have recently been using some approved add-ons from the official Safari extensions gallery, but I have since uninstalled all of them. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening and be able to see these websites properly once again? Thanks! (PS I hope the images I uploaded are showing up, as I cannot see them myself)




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Check that 'Display images when page opens' is selected (in Preferences/Appearance on safari 5.0.6).


    On Safari menu select Empty Cache and then Reset Safari.


    Turn Extensions off in Extensions Preferences and restart Safari.

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    Thanks a lot! Seems really superficial now that you mention how easy a fix it is... guess I've just been playing around with the preferences and got carried away (I'm new here, if it isn't obvious).

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    I am glad I was able to help you Kieran.

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    Yes - I've been having this problem in Safari 6.0.1 for a while now. I did what you recommended & by trial & error found that:


    AdBlock Plus &

    Google Disconnect


    were the 2 Extensions that were stopping video links from displaying & playing within the web pages. So I've now canned them. Had a similar experience recently with another Extension (forget which one it was but it was screwing up my abilty to use a particular company's services online so I had to S**Tcan it too). These extensions seem quite a bit flakey for my liking.


    Anyway video problem all solved now & thanks for the solution!