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can iPad as a tablet would be able to do what ever we can do in a Laptop.

Why there is no storage allocation space like C / D / E ... Drives or folders in iPad. Can we make save a file in a specific folder / location in iPad?

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    The iPad with ios employes a different file architecture/paredyme. 


    The iPad supports applications.  You run applications.  Applications may create and access only their own files.  Applications may organize  their files anyway they feel like.  Some have folders some do not.


    ios focus is on security.  By assigning a file to one application it makes for a more secure environment.  A "bad" application can only mess with it own files. ios prevents it from messing with other files on the system. You will observe that there are no known viruses on ios. Man, drive letters are so '70s. 


    There is no system wide files system.



  • gyrhead Level 3 (785 points)

    If you need to work with a file structure on an iPad try the FileAppPro app.

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    You can easily use the iPad as an external source from your Mac: use Diskaid or such app, there several, or iExplorer for Windows.

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    Diskaid on your computer and FileAppPro on your iPad are excellent file system partners.