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I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 home premium. iTunes was installed and worked flawlessly for almost two years. However, I had to send the laptop for repair a few weeks ago and they wiped the hard drive. I reinstalled everything EXACTLY as it was before, but I can't get iTunes to work anymore. I seem to have at least two distinct problems:


1- iTunes won't recognize my iPod nano 5th gen. Most times my iPod won't even show up in Windows. Sometimes I can get it to be seen by Windows; but then, iTunes says it sees an iPod but can't sync. However, iTunes has no problem seeing and syncing with my old iPod nano 1st gen.


2- iTunes says it's missing the registry files needed to burn.


I tried reinstalling iTunes and all the fixes I could find in the knowledge base (stop/restart services, reinstall drivers, etc...), several times, to no avail. At his point, I don't know what to do.


I know my iPod 5th gen is not defective since it syncs flawlessly on my other computer.


Please help?

iPod nano, Windows 7, iPod nano 1st and 5th gen