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    Andrew19550919 wrote:




    So it seems that not only do i have to disclose my email to apple to operate my own ipad mini i also have to disclose my account information to them so i can get a free application to run!  {snip}

    You don't have to do anything.  If you want to use the merchandise in the Apple digital store (free merchandise or not-so-free), you will need to provide certain information. 


    You use the term "account information."  That implies that you understand the nature of the term "account."  In order to use your Apple ID account, you will need to provide the required information.

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    I added my reply because some smart alex above said the answers given were not appropriate because the user already had an itunes account.  I dont have an account so the answer appears to apply to me


    I just got the device it asks me to create an apple id using a valid email address


    When i try to get skype which is a free download i get the message that the entered apple id has not used the itunes store.


    At this point in time i have no idea how to get past that error message.   I have tried deleting my apple id and thought I had but it seems it still exists and now  i have at this point in time i just reset my passord as the already earlier  changed password does not work even though it was known to apple when i went to the reset screen


    Yes i know what an account is but i dont know how to get the download i am wanting


    If i can get to the point where i can add my account information i will do that if necessary but so far i dont see how to do that

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    I have now got past the earlier error message and been able to enter account information.   This time around there was the option at the bottom of the agreement text to proceeed further than appeared to be available to me before?..........

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