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My gmail syncs perfectly to my iphone 4S but i have another POP email account that i use on my phone that doesnt appear to be synced

ie: if i delete a message on my computer it is still in my inbox on my phone and visa vera.

if i send an email or save a draft on one devise it does not show up on the other


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iPhone 4S
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    A POP account is not synchronized with the server. Although it is possible to access a POP account with more than one email client, a POP account is designed to be accessed with a single email client only. A POP account is an antiquated account type - became available when most people had access to a single computer only.


    Your Gmail account syncs perfectly because you are accessing the account as an IMAP account with both email clients, which is designed for this.

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    Okay thank you. I guess there is no way to do it.