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I purchased and downloaded my second audiobook last weekend but after 4 hours into the first part, the audio stopped and then it skipped to part 2.  I could not find a way to redownload my purchase again for audiobooks.  I emailed support and they put another copy for me to download and told me to delete the file before downloading.  Since I did not know how to delete the file without plugging into iTunes on my PC, i did so, but the sync started automatically - I thought it was not marked to not do it automatically - and so the download proceeded.  Now the version on my PC appears to be working and not skipping.  When I did a sync to my iTouch, it did not overwrite the bad file - it still skips oabout 4 hours.  I thought if I could delete it off the iTouch, the good version might then download, but I do not know how to delete it on just the iTouch.

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    I found an answer elsewhere on this site: 


    I unchecked the audiobook in iTunes and then ran an autosync - apparently it has to autosync -  and the bad file disappeared on the iTouch.  I then checked the audiobook again, did another sync and when I went to the place where there was a problem and checked the sound, it looks like the new good file is now on my iTouch.  Hope this helps someone else.