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Hi folks,


I have found a consistent and duplicatable bug with the current Aiport Extreme firmware version 7.6.1 where if I try and create a custom port forward and do not specify UDP ports, only TCP ports, when I save the new rule and hit Update, the Airport Extreme forgets the TCP ports I specified. The only way I have been able to get it to accept the custom rule is by specifying the UDP port as well. And If I remove the UDP port after a successfull update, it forgets the TCP port as well.


I have on one occasion managed to get a custom rule without a UDP specified to successfully save and update when I a added a predefined rule at the same time but I been unable to duplicate this behaviour since.


I have the first Gigabit dual band 802.11n Airport Extreme (the one where you can choose between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi but you cant have both at the same time) and I am using version 6.1 (610.31) of the Airport Utility.


Is anyone else having the same problems?

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    Further testing shows that selecting a predefined rule and changing the ports to suit my purpose allows for a successful save and update of the port forwarding rules. There is definitely something broken on this thing. I would feel better about it if I wasn't the only one. Meaning its probably just a firmware issue.

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    I experience similar problems mapping only UDP ports. Unless I specify TCP and UDP ports at the same time the destination ports are left out / forgotten when saving and updating the configuration.

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    I too have found the disappearing TCP port to be an issue in the same version of Airport Utility.  I tested entering and saving the settings using the Airport Utility version 5.6 and it keeps the settings. 

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    I too have this problem

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    Ah, good to see others have this problem too. I spent hours last night isolating it. Unlike defecta, I can't just edit it to get it work and have to enter a number for both UDP and TCP to get it to stick. However, if I select something in the pull down meny like Personal Web Sharing, the selection sticks without entering the extra UDP number. That only applies to a few of my items though.

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    I just found out that if I use the Airport Utility on my iPhone to change the port settings, it works fine. So it seems to be a bug in Airport Utility on the Mac.

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    Airport Utility 6.1 on Mac, when adding an IPv4 Port Mapping will silently throw away TCP ports if you don't enter UDP ports also.


    After clicking Update, my AirPort Extreme 802.11n (3rd Generation) restarts, the port mapping entry is added but the ports are all empty.


    The iPhone client lets you edit existing entries but won't let you tap Done unless you fill all UDP and TCP port fields. Once the 'Done' button becomes active, you can clear the UDP ports, tap Done and it will save correctly with TCP ports only (and will show up as such in Mac Airport Utility).




    • Very poor QA by Apple - wanting to add a TCP port only without UDP ports is the common case, not the exception.


    • It seems to be impossible to map a different public port to a given private port number?


    • Why does the AirPort have to restart just for changing the port forward config?
      Other modern routers with web interfaces don't need to.
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    Thanks guys, and Hubert in particular!

    Really helped me out, there!

    I fully agree with with you on your thoughs - this is poorly done by Apple.


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    Same for me.  I've reported this to bugreport.apple.com and the bug ID issued is 12791528

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    I have Time Capsule 2nd gen and OS X Server admin.

    I've seen Server admin can put only TCP ports in TC config and it apparently didn't work thru Airport Utility.


    So just a moment ago I guessed it requires at least something to be in the UDP fields.

    I tryed to save port mapping with a space for UDP and it worked.


    Although this is still a bug but at least this allows you to regain manual control over port mapping.


    Hope this "space" port redirect won't break anything.